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 Lillian Too's Feng Shui Coloring Planner 2016
Fully embossed cover with ribbon place marker, double expandable inner pocket and elastic band closu..
11 Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Dzi Beads are a blend of the potent “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra and the five Dhy..
12 Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Dzi Beads help with ones self-confidence, allowing them to embrace their inner courage and ..
13 Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Dzi Beads are an enhancer of harmony and tranquility, allowing the mind and body to become ..
15 Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Dzi Beads will bless the beholder with an abundance of Heaven’s Luck, a very powerful..
18 Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead
The 18 eyed Dzi is believed to help protect against compulsions and obsessions. Those with addict..
21 Eye Tibetan Dzi Bead
These Dzi Beads are on the same level of potency as the Nine Eyed Tibetan Dzi Beads, and share th..
5 Eye Lightning Tibetan Dzi Bead
5-Eye Lightning Dzi – These Beads are said to be a summoner for success in many walks of li..
5-Element Crystal Bracelet
A bracelet made up of five different fabulous crystals. Clear Quartz is known to be the headi..
6 Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging
Six is an auspicious Chinese number because it is the depiction of heavenly luck. The Six Emperor..
6" Heart Sutra Pillar
This beautiful golden Pagoda pillar is engraved with the Heart Sutra on it. It is designed to weaken..
9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda - Obsidian
Along with the wind chime, bagua and Wu Lou, the Wen Chang Pagoda is a potent instrument used by Fen..
9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda - Yellow Jasper
This is a Yellow Jasper Nine-level pagoda - signifies wholeness, because it brings all the qualities..
A Bunch of Feng Shui Jade Coins Hanging for Abundance
A very auspicious jade charm featuring a bunch of Chinese 'ancient' Coins and accented with ..
A pair of Halved Ammonite Couple Pendants in Frame
Impressive Ammonite Fossil Pendants showcasing beautiful chambers, set encased within a stylish f..
Adjustable Feng Shui Pi Yao Bracelet - Agate Crystal
An adjustable bracelet featuring the Pi Yao made of Agate crystal and decorated with round beads...
Adjustable Feng Shui Pi Yao Bracelet - Rose Quartz
Attract both love and wealth luck with this Pi Yao bracelet, as well as protection from bad luck...
Adjustable Jade Mystic Knot Bracelet
Beautiful piece of wrist accessory made of jade stones boasting the symbol of a mystic knot. Brac..
Agate Crystal Gem Tree with 9 Gold Coins
To enhance educational luck and produce academic aptitude, display a Feng Shui crystal Tree in the N..
Agate Geode Wealth Basin
Be charmed by this stunning Agate geodes cut into half, showcasing the concentric layers of mineral ..
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Agate Mystic Knot Tassels
To enhance your children’s success in school and their educational luck, hang the Mystic Knot ..
Agate WishFulfilling Feng Shui Crystal Tree
This beautiful Crystal Tree, comprised of a trunk of resin and branches of twisted wire, drizzled..
Amber Crystal Pendant
This striking cabachon Amber pendant is sure to catch many admiring eyes. Comes with a free stain..
Amber Heart Pendant
The symbol of Heart has been around for thousand of years and recognized as an icon of love, roma..
Amethyst Allies Mobile Hanging - Rabbit, Sheep and Boar
The Boar, Rabbit and Sheep form one of the four zodiac allies group and will have special affinit..
Amethyst Allies Mobile Hanging - Rat, Dragon and Monkey
The monkey, rat and dragon form one of the four zodiac allies group and will have special affinit..
Amethyst Allies Mobile Hanging - Tiger, Dog and Horse
The Tiger, Horse and Dog form one of the four zodiac allies group and will have special affinitie..
Amethyst Cluster Pendant Necklace
Each of these sensational pendants consists of a natural amethyst cluster and bound in silver. Ea..
Amethyst Crystal Bonsai Tree with 9 Coins
Place this Feng Shui crystal Tree near your sleeping area to aid a restful, peaceful and rejuvenatin..
Amethyst Crystal Bracelet
Amethyst, known as the “stone that heals”, is a semi-precious stone which has been kn..
Amethyst Crystal Chips (100g)
Amethyst is believed to have the potency to tranquilize the mind, removing the constant need for ..
Amethyst Crystal Gem Tree
To hone your study skills and create improved memory and attentiveness, placing this on your work or..