Yellow Jambala Mantra Wand Amulet

Yellow Jambala Mantra Wand Amulet
Yellow Jambala Mantra Wand Amulet
SKU: SKU5082
Weight : 65.00g ( 0.14 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 0.625x2.25 in, Lgth 4.625 in (Dia. 1.5x5.5 cm, 12 cm)
Material: Metal

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Carrying the Yellow Jambala Wand Amulet is said to boost wealth and income luck. Those Chinese zodiac signs with poor annual wealth luck rating will need this Feng Shui keychain.

Yellow Dzambhala or Yellow Jambhala is the Tibetan Wealth God believed to be the manifestation of the Compassionate Buddha Chenrezig. The task of this wealth-giving Buddha is to extinguish sufferings and obstacles caused by poverty and generate wealth luck. He not only helps practitioners to attain material wealth but also wealth in virtue, wisdom, spiritual attainment and merit.

It has a compartment for you to keep a mantra or your wishes in a scroll.

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