Windhorse Gold Talisman Card

Windhorse Gold Talisman Card
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Carry the Windhorse Gold Talisman Card in your wallet enhance your victory and success luck in your career and business. The magnificent Wind Horse will also offer you protection from hostile energies and increases your inner vitality to achieve your aspirations.

A major part of your Success Luck in a year is dictated by your annual Windhorse (Lung Ta) reading, which varies from year to year and for people with different zodiac signs. When your Windhorse luck is strong, your potential to enjoy success in your endeavors, whether in your personal or professional lives, is very high. When it's weak, unexpected bad luck can strike any time and you find it so much more difficult to achieve anything, even with talent or if you put in a lot of hard work. Obstacles and hurdles between you and your goals will seem plentiful, and oftentimes unsurpassable.

In Feng Shui, to ensure your lung ta is strengthened, you can call on the help of the trusty Windhorse - the magical steed of King Gesar. This is not only important for those with low Lung Ta, but people with good rating can also make use of the Windhorse figurine to further bolster and harness its energy.

Revered in Tibetan culture, the Windhorse, or Lung Ta in Tibetan, this mythical creature carries prayers from the earth to the heaven with the strength of a horse and speed of the wind. On its back is a wish-granting or flaming jewel known as Cintamani, which we usually see it being held by an Avalokiteshvara. It signifies fulfillment of wishes, aspiration for wealth, success and power, removal of ignorance and attainment of wisdom. The symbol of Wind Horse can often be spotted on prayer flags and rooftop of temples in Tibet.

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