8 Rod Water Droplet Crystal Windchime

8 Rod Water Droplet Crystal Windchime
8 Rod Water Droplet Crystal Windchime
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Dim: 3.5x0.5x0.125 in, Lgth 7 in (9x1.3x0.3 cm, 18 cm)
Material: Metal

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This delicately pretty yet powerful 8-Rod Water Droplet Crystal Wind Chime is a feng shui image believed to clear bad chi and attract good luck. Eight silver-colored metal hollow rods are attached to a wavy blue base with 8 blue “water droplets” hanging from it. The #8 represents prosperity, especially during a Period 8 such as the one happening now (until 2024). The lovely blue droplets in addition to the waves symbolizes water, the element that is vital to life because it’s said to heal, cleanse and refresh one’s energy.

Feng shui culture sees water as abundance and prosperity. Balancing the elements of water, earth and metal in this windchime, it can be used to give a boost to the #1 White Star, and the #8 Wealth Star. You can also hang it in the West for children and creative luck, the North for career luck or the Northwest for mentor luck.

In the year where water energy is lacking and causing problems, use this windchime to compensate for it. 2016 is such year.


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