Wealth Lock Mini Plaque

Wealth Lock Mini Plaque
Wealth Lock Mini Plaque Wealth Lock Mini Plaque
SKU: SKU5449
Weight : 210.00g ( 0.46 lbs)
Dim: 3x3.125x0.125 in (7.5x8x0.3 cm)
Material: Metal

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This Wealth Lock Mini Plaque with the powerful Dakini Wealth Amulet is said to enhance speculative luck and protect your wealth and asset. Displaying this Feng Shui talisman is believed to help preserve your wealth so that your networth can continue to increase.

This Feng Shui Lock Coin is meant to enhance good luck in risky investment, gambling at the horse races or in the stock market. It features the Chinese characters for JIN YI LIANG, meaning “one ounce of gold” as well as characters for NAN BU MA SI, translated as “wins at the horse racing grounds and stock markets. A must-have during times of economic volatility, or when you are afflicted with loss stars in your Feng Shui chart.

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