Chinese Wealth God Wood Feng Shui Tassel

Chinese Wealth God Wood Feng Shui Tassel
Chinese Wealth God Wood Feng Shui Tassel Chinese Wealth God Wood Feng Shui Tassel
SKU: SKU5488
Weight : 55.00g ( 0.12 lbs)
Dim: 1.625x2.375x0.25 in, Lgth 14.25 in (4x6x0.5 cm, 36 cm)
Material: Wood

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Beautiful Feng Shui tassel featuring an intricately carved Wealth God with a Wealth Pot in wood.

The Wealth God is one of the most prominent icons of prosperity, wealth and fortune. He holds a unique responsibility to assist people in becoming wealthy, and is therefore very admired in Chinese society. Many rituals are held and paintings put up during the Chinese New Year, to invite him to come into homes and bring good fortune with him. During this time, it is said that the God of Wealth brings with him the ability to expand windfall and bring luck for the year ahead. He would bless any life he touches with unimaginable good fortune.

The God of Wealth was an affluent man known as Shen Wan San. During the Ming Dynasty in ancient China, his role was a finance manager. The ancient tales tell that he owned a wealth pot which could endlessly output money and jewellery. When Zhu Yuan Zhang wanted to expand and empower the Ming Dynasty, he sought after the help of Shen Wan San. The Heavenly God later dubbed him with the title of “God of Wealth Creation”.

This lucky charm is a must-have for people pursuing their luck in gambling activities such as lottery, horse-racing, football betting, stock-broking and share investment.

You can hang it in your car, home or shop.

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