White Wind Horse with Flaming Jewel Pendant

White Wind Horse with Flaming Jewel Pendant
White Wind Horse with Flaming Jewel Pendant White Wind Horse with Flaming Jewel Pendant
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Material: Metal

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This good luck charm enhances victory luck and is perfect for those involved in competitive activities such as sports, sales or racing. It is also said to magnify your speculative luck or your luck in trying to win money through investing or gambling, such as by visiting a casino, buying lottery tickets, playing cards or sports betting. 

The lucky talisman features the Victory Windhorse carrying a flaming jewel on its back and seen travelling through the winds of cyclic change. On the other side is the magical squares and Sigil of Jupiter, or the Jupiter Yantra grid, to attract the luck of numbers and winning luck to the gamble you take. Encircling the Wind Horse and the Grid on both sides is the mantra to protect you against accidentally accumulating bad karma in your competitive activities. This product is also known as Victory in Gambling talisman.

One person's Success Luck is governed by your annual Windhorse reading, which varies from year to year and for people with different horoscope signs. When your Windhorse luck is strong, success comes easily. When it's weak, unexpected bad luck can strike any time and you find it hard achieve anything, even with hard work. Wearing the Windhorse pendant make up for any weak personal Wind Horse luck that you might suffer for the year.

Revered in Tibetan culture, the Windhorse, or Lung Ta in Tibetan, this mythical creature carries prayers from the earth to the heaven with the strength of a horse and speed of the wind. On its back is a wish-granting or flaming jewel known as Cintamani, which we usually see it being held by an Avalokiteshvara. It signifies fulfillment of wishes, aspiration for wealth, success and power, removal of ignorance and attainment of wisdom. The symbol of Wind Horse can often be spotted on prayer flags and rooftop of temples in Tibet.

If you don't fancy around your neck, remove the necklace and pop this good luck talisman in your purse, wallet, handbag or your pocket. This is said to help you if you plan to invest big or plan to take some risks involving money.

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