Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Dagger

Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Dagger
Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Dagger Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Dagger
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Dim: 1.5x1.5x8 in (3.8x3.8x19 cm)
Material: Brass

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This unsharpened tripple sided antiquated brass Phurba has wonderful carving which gives it a fabulous and exotic look.

The sides of the Phurba destroy the three poisons: attachment, aversion, & delusion. At the top of the phurba are one to three faces, the middle is a vajra or lightning bolt with an eternal knot at each end, & the bottom has a water god (Makara) with snakes entwined around the blade.

The Phurba, also known as Phurpa is a three sided ritual Buddhist dagger that is used to destroy the three poisons: aversion, delusion and attachemnt. The triple blades also symbolize the three spirit worlds, while the Phurba as a whole represents the "worlds axis" bringing all three worlds together. This Tibetan ritual dagger symbolizes the destruction of obstructions of enemies. It is also revered as a powerful weapon which transforms negative forces into positive energies and subdues demons and evil spirits.

The Phurba is not a physical weapon that can hurt a sentient living being because the blades are not sharp but rather a spiritual implement, and should be regarded as such. It is used to vanquish evil spirits by the tantric practioner. This powerful dagger is also used as a means of slaying and destroying negative emotions, aggression, violence, anger, and hatred.

At the top are three faces with a horse head above and at the end, the blades have the symbols of snakes entwined. In the middle of the dagger is the Dorje/Vajra or lightning bolt. The dorje is a Tibetan word and also called Vajra in sanskrit, which means diamond or thunderbolt. This is because it symbolizes a tool, as hard as the diamond or as powerful as the thunderbolt, that can cut through ignorance, delusion, greed, anger and impurities of the mind. It is also believed to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power.

Hand made in Nepal by Tibetan artisans

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