Stupa Pendant with Leng Yan Zhou

Stupa Pendant with Leng Yan Zhou
Stupa Pendant with Leng Yan Zhou Stupa Pendant with Leng Yan Zhou
SKU: SKU5267
Weight : 50.00g ( 0.11 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 0.5x1.75 in, Lgth 16 in (1.5x4.5 cm, 40 cm)
Material: Metal

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A beautiful gold-plated Stupa pendant made of durable stainless steel encapsulating a scroll of "Leng Yan Zhou" or the Shurangama Mantra.

Among the Buddha's teachings, the Shurangama Mantra is considered to be the king of mantras because it is the longest and most important. The Surangama Mantra is said to rescue and protect the world, help people obtain great fearlessness, and bring to accomplishment living beings' transcendental wisdom.

When you recite the entire Shurangama Mantra once and the heart one hundred eight times, you will be able to obtain blessings that are measureless and boundless. That's why it's said, if you are able to recite the Shurangama Mantra, then in seven lives to come you'll have a reward of massive blessings and honor.

 You can memorize this long mantra and recite it regularly, you can write about this mantra and share it somehow, or you can simply read it, carry it with you, have it at home or work. Any one of these options will ensure the following benefits result for your spiritual evolution:

  •  overcome unkind forces and challenges from adherents of other religions.
  • Buddhas throughout will simultaneously relieve those suffering in the hell realm, from disability, unpleasant relationships, unfulfilled wishes...
  • practitioners of this mantra will be unharmed by natural or man-made disasters, forces of nature or supernatural forces, accidental injury or intentional ill-wishes.
  • practitioners of this mantra will be guarded gratefully by beings seen and unseen, kind and unkind, enlightened and not so enlightened.

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