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Desktop Flag Of Victory

Desktop Flag Of Victory
Desktop Flag Of Victory
Desktop Flag Of Victory
Desktop Flag Of Victory
Desktop Flag Of Victory
  • SKU#: SKU5293
  • Weight: 420g
  • Dim: 2.75x2.5x6.75 in (7x6.5x17 cm)
  • Material: Metal

This beautiful Desktop Flag Of Victory features the Windhorse and King Gesar's mantra on one side and the "Producing Victory" amulet on the other.

You can place the Flag of Victory in the center of your home or office. This is said to help you triumph over competitions, obstructions, obstacles and enemies.

Place it on your work table as this is believed to assist you champion your best ideas, rise above your competitors and gain notice from your superiors.

You can also place the Victory Flag in the sector where the #1 White Flying Star resides to further capture its essence and enhance its good influences. This star brings excellent mentor and career luck, as well as great success luck, victory and winning over the competition. In 2021, the #1 Victory Star resides in the South. It flies into the North in 2022 and to the SW in year 2023.

It is also very suitable for those with weak Lung Ta (windhorse) element luck, or even those with good Lung Ta to further boost this aspect of your luck. One can never be too successful.

An excellent Feng Shui gift for those in competitive professions such as in sports, consultancy, comission-based sales, stock and commodities trading.

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