Brass Monkey Holding Ruyi on Peach

Brass Monkey Holding Ruyi on Peach
Brass Monkey Holding Ruyi on Peach Brass Monkey Holding Ruyi on Peach Brass Monkey Holding Ruyi on Peach
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Weight : 850.00g ( 1.87 lbs)
Dim: 2.75x3.75x6 in (7x9.5x15.2 cm)
Material: Brass

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This brass sculpture depicts a Monkey holding a Ruyi sitting atop a Peach fruit accompanied by Bats, Gold Ingots and Coins! That's a lot of good fortune symbols - a rare depiction of a plethora of good luck symbols incorporated into one work of art!

The Monkey is a symbol of quick-wit, observant, good parent, safe childbirth, loyal and good entrepreneur skill. The symbol of Monkey emits vibes of creativity, intelligence, opportunistic, cleverness and innovation - the essential skills to be successful in your career and business.

The Ru Yi, or the "sceptre of power", is one of the most influential fengs shui symbol of authority, guidance, power and command. The Ruyi is a very useful tool to have when one is in search of greater authority or wishes to be promoted to a higher position in their career. It can be used not only in business, but also in general life. It is a necessity for people such as CEOs, directors, managers or politicians, all of whom are seeking to climb further up on the ladder of their career.

Since ancient times, the Peach has been a potent symbol of longevity, wellbeing and everlasting life. It is an immortality symbol from the heavens, and also said to promise the beholder luck in the sense of wealth and affluence. This fruit is seen as an immortality granting fruit and a symbol of longevity, believed to provide the beholder with a long and healthy life. Also, the Peach will protect from any accidents or untimely deaths.

The Bat is a popular icon to the Chinese – this is because the sound for “bat” in the Chinese language, “fook” is similar to the word “Fuk”, which is closely related to the phrase for joy and good fortune. In ancient China, the Bat was an adorned figure by the emperors and government officials; having the emblem of a Bat sewn into their robes was a sign of high status, and high income. It is believed to have the ability to do good for its owner, attracting prosperity energy and driving away disastrous forces which could cause illness, diseases and untimely death.

Gold ingots and coins are famous symbols of prosperity, abundance and wealth in Feng Shui.

In summary, this brass statue brings its owner good health luck, wealth luck and career luck.

You can place it anywhere you like.

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