Dragon Pi Xie

Dragon Pi Xie
Dragon Pi Xie Dragon Pi Xie Dragon Pi Xie Dragon Pi Xie
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The Dragon Pi Xie is known as the best and most auspicious symbol in the feng shui menagerie for appeasing the Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter because it's believed to be Tai Sui's favorite pet. Place it in the NE in the year 2021 to get him onto your side. If not appeased, Tai Sui's wrath can bring legal problems, disharmony at home, depletion of money and income luck and all kind of misfortune and bad luck. During times of uncertainty, the Dragon Pi Xie is believed to prevent loss of wealth and allow you to prosper despite challenging economic environment.

 A highly popular symbol among businessmen, speculators and investors, the Pi Xie is said to unlock the hidden wealth of the year, draw wealth luck from all directions, and preserve your net worth. It has a unique digestive system that never defecates and has a fierce hunger for silver and gold. This symbolizes that the Pi Xie can take in great amounts without ever losing anything. 

The Pixie or Pi Yao is a protector with the power to ward off evil spirits. They are especially desired by those who greatly enjoy and want to succeed at gambling.

These are the 8 blessings the Pi Xie is believed to have the power to generate and share:

  1. Good fortune and great news
  2. Generation of earth luck and beneficial feng shui
  3. Lurer or wealth and riches
  4. Safe guardianship of the home
  5. Destroyer of evil, difficulty and great obstacles
  6. Attractor of windfall luck
  7. Look-out for difficulties or accidents during times of travel
  8. Appeases Tai Sui or the Grand Duke of Jupiter

Here are some feng shui tips for auspicious placement of your Dragon Pi Xie:

  1. Place the Pi Xie in your living room or main hall if you have recently moved or renovated, to cleanse and fortify the shifted energy in your home.
  2. It is widely believed that it is very auspicious to place lottery tickets or gambling notes under the Pi Xie. The Pi Xie symbol is favored with those who play regularly at casinos, horse tracks, sporting events, mahjong or on the stock market.
  3. If your zodiac sign is in direct conflict with the grand duke jupiter or Tai Sui this year, place the Pi Xie in the sector of the grand duke jupiter is residing for the year and also carry a Pi Yao on you for added protection.
  4. Keep the Pi Xie on you (as a keychain or necklace) or beside you as close as possible to protect yourself from malicious spirits, negative energy and people with evil intent.
  5. Hang it in the car for protection against negative energy that brings accidents and tragedy

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