Chalcedony Feng Shui Pi Yao Stone

Chalcedony Feng Shui Pi Yao Stone
Chalcedony Feng Shui Pi Yao Stone Chalcedony Feng Shui Pi Yao Stone Chalcedony Feng Shui Pi Yao Stone Chalcedony Feng Shui Pi Yao Stone Chalcedony Feng Shui Pi Yao Stone Chalcedony Feng Shui Pi Yao Stone
US$71.88 US$49.88
Weight : 325.00g ( 0.72 lbs)
Dim: 2.375x3.25x1.75 in, Lgth 7.5 in (6x8.5x4.5 cm, 19 cm)
Material: Crystal

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This gorgeous chunky Pi Yao amulet carved out of chalcedony agate is truly a work of art - a collector's item. You can choose to hang it on display it in your car or home! Holding this good-sized Pi Yao stone in your palm in times of stress such as when you are trapped in a traffic jam or facing crisis at work is said to help you calm down and release negative energies from your body and mind.

 The Pi Yao is one of the most favored symbols of feng shui next to the dragon. It is a bringer of 8 great blessings, known as the ninth son of the heavenly dragon and most auspicious creature of luck in wealth. Pi Yao’s are especially useful for those who have recently moved or renovated.

The Pi Yao can draw wealth from all directions. It has a unique digestive system that never defecates and has a fierce hunger for silver and gold. This symbolizes that the Pi Yao can take in great amounts without ever losing anything.

The Pi Yao or Pixiu is a protector with the power to ward off evil spirits. They are especially desired by those who greatly enjoy and want to succeed at gambling.

The Pi Yao is believed to offer its owner a minimum of eight blessings, which are named below:

  1. Good fortune and great news
  2. Generation of earth luck and beneficial feng shui
  3. Lurer or wealth and riches
  4. Safe guardianship of the home
  5. Destroyer of evil, difficulty and great obstacles
  6. Attractor of windfall luck
  7. Look-out for difficulties or accidents during times of travel
  8. Appeases Tai Sui or the Grand Duke of Jupiter*

Here are some feng shui tips for auspicious placement of your Pi Yao:

  1. Place the Pi Yao in your living room or main hall if you have recently moved or renovated, to cleanse and fortify the shifted energy in your home.
  2. It is widely believed that it is very auspicious to place lottery tickets or gambling notes under the Pi Yao. The Pi Yao symbol is favored with those who play regularly at casinos, horse tracks, sporting events, mahjong or on the stock market.
  3. If your zodiac sign is in direct conflict with the grand duke jupiter or Tai Sui this year, place the Pi Yao in the sector of the grand duke jupiter is residing for the year and also carry a Pi Yao on you for added protection.
  4. Keep the Pi Yao on you (as a keychain or necklace) or beside you as close as possible to protect yourself from malicious spirits, negative energy and people with evil intent.
  5. Hang it in the car for protection against negative energy that brings accidents and tragedy.

Agate is a stone highy desired by many Feng Shui followers. Agate will clear your consciousness of all frustrations and distractions, allowing you to think clearly and enhance attentiveness. With Agate, one attains the power to think quickly on their feet and solve problems swiftly. With a clear mind, you will be able to rid your life of any tensions and resentment, making more room for love and happiness.

Agate is also very beneficial to ones self-esteem and self-image. This mystical stone will increase the confidence you have in yourself, creating an environment in which you can attain your aspirations. Agate will eliminate any fears you may have, and replace them with the strength to be courageous in the face of any event.

In addition to this, Agate creates positive chi and rids the surrounding area of any negative energy. By revitalizing the premises, prosperity will be able to form a better flow. This is ideal for those involved in business and competitive careers.

You can place the Agate Stone in earth sectors such as Southwest to enhance love luck, Northeast for education luck or in the center of the house for general luck of everyone in the household. It can be used to enhance the #8 Earth Wealth Star.

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