A pair of Colorful Phoenix

A pair of Colorful Phoenix
A pair of Colorful Phoenix A pair of Colorful Phoenix A pair of Colorful Phoenix
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This beautiful beacon of feminine power is the goddess of all winged creatures, able to foster prosperity and good fortune. Because it rose out the ashes, the Phoenix is also a representation of rebirth, revitalization and perpetuity, as well as the light of hope, which is a major foundation in human life. For those who are suffering in life, the Phoenix will bring material gain to restore comfort and stability.

The Phoenix, a magnificent large bird, is one of the four celestial animals. It is an important icon in Feng Shui, as it holds many desirable traits. According to Feng Shui Bagua Theory, the South direction (which is the sector of fame and recognition luck, of the element Fire) is the direction of the Phoenix. It is for this reason that placing a Phoenix figurine alone in the South sector is said to activate its potent yang energy, and create both recognition and opportunities. Recognition luck is the kind of luck that will help your hard work or efforts get noticed and appreciated, your ideas and plans get listened to, and your accomplishments praised and acknowledged by your superior or boss. Without this luck, your good work will often be overlooked and your weaknesses being constantly picked on. The Phoenix is ideal for singles that are looking for love. When it is placed alongside a Dragon, it’s yin energy is activated, and this is optimum for couples (yin and yang) who are looking for everlasting love.

The Phoenix is mainly an emblem for females; as opposed to many other Fengshui figures which best benefit the patriarch of the family, the Phoenix will serve the matriarch most effectively.

In Feng Shui, there are many ways in which the Phoenix can be used to benefit life:

1) When the Feng Shui Phoenix and a Dragon are placed alongside each other, they are a perfect depiction of an ideal couple, with a blissful life. Place this pair in the in the Southwest corner of your living room for a joy-filled and many healthy children, or in the Southwest corner of the bedroom for those who are seeking their soul mate.

2) The matriarch of the family will be rewarded with wellbeing and luck when the Trigram Kun is triggered; achieve this by displaying a pair of Fengshui Phoenix in the Southwest sector of the living room or main family room. This will also enhance the luck of singles in the household to find the right suitor.

3) When positioning this Feng Shui product in your home, always make sure that it is displayed on an elevated plane (such as a shelf or dresser); this ensures that it can watch over the home in all its magnificent might. Also, in the Fame and Reputation sector (south), the Phoenix will best serve to increase luck for family members and safeguard for the home, as well as rewarded efforts and work and promotion opportunities.

4) Based on your KUA Number (from the Feng Shui Kua Formula), you can determine you Nien Yen (relationship) direction; displaying the Feng Shui Phoenix in this direction will help single individuals to seek their soul mate and foster a blissful, healthy marriage.

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