Pair of Foo Dogs (Redwood color)

Pair of Foo Dogs (Redwood color)
Pair of Foo Dogs (Redwood color) Pair of Foo Dogs (Redwood color) Pair of Foo Dogs (Redwood color) Pair of Foo Dogs (Redwood color)
SKU: SKU5691
Weight : 600.00g ( 1.32 lbs)
Dim: 1.5x2.375x4 in (3.8x6x10.2 cm)
Material: Resin

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The formidable pair of Fu Dogs, with their imposing countenances and robust figures, are mythical sentinels entrusted with guarding the celestial gates. Their role is to protect the heavens from malevolent spirits and pernicious influences. As such, these Fu Dogs have become enduring symbols of security and stability, finding a place of honor in both homes and workplaces.

In antiquity, Fu Dogs were a fixture at pivotal locations such as temples and royal palaces. In the contemporary world, their protective presence extends to various domains, gracing the entrances of grand estates, eateries, financial institutions, hotels, and shops. Positioned strategically, these vigilant guardians gauge the intentions of those who approach. Those with benign motives are welcomed, while those harboring ill will are swiftly discerned by the keen instincts of the Fu Dogs, their entry denied.

Beyond their role as guardians, Fu Dogs possess the ability to transmute negative energy (known as "chi") into a positive force. To counteract the detrimental effects of "sha chi" or killing energy, which emanate from sources like elevators, escalators, or stairwells, it is advisable to place Fu Dogs on both sides of a door facing these potential sources of negativity. Additionally, positioning them at the sides of your home's entrance gate, particularly if your residence faces a busy road or imposing infrastructure, serves as an effective defense against unwelcome disturbances from neighbors.

Numerous tales abound of the transformative impact of Fu Dogs on the lives of individuals, including businessmen, politicians, and influential figures. When employed as a pair, these mythical guardians have been known to suppress theft, accidents, and ill intentions, instead ushering in financial prosperity and bringing in good Feng Shui.

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