Infinity Knot Money Clip

Infinity Knot Money Clip
Infinity Knot Money Clip Infinity Knot Money Clip
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Weight : 50.00g ( 0.11 lbs)
Dim: 2.25x1x0.5 in (5.7x2.5x1.3 cm)
Material: Metal

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This stylish money clip is engraved with the mystic knot symbol. The mystic knot or infinity knot ensures you will never run out of money or cash.

The mystic knot, which is also recognized by other names (lucky, love, infinity or never-ending knot) is one of the eight lucky signs of Buddhism. It has this position because of the way it can be twined into a figure “8” without ever having an end point. The number 8 has always been a lucky number for the Chinese due to the fact that saying “8” in Chinese sounds like “fortune”. Because of this reason, this all-round good luck symbol has become an icon for the endless flow of longevity, prosperity, triumph, love and health. In Buddhist beliefs, this knot is a symbol of the neverending cycle, providing the ability to overcome illnesses and misfortunes and instead creating fame and fortune. Because it is in relation to the number 8, this good luck charm has intense power in Period 8 (2004 – 2024).

A perfect Feng Shui gift for men.

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