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March to April 2021 - Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast 2021
2nd Month of the Metal Ox Year

Watch out for Northwest and Southeast sectors as both Annual and Monthly Stars here are malicious this month!

There are two numbers in each of the nine grids in the Monthly Flying Star chart below. The larger number represents the annual flying star and the smaller number represents the monthly star.

The luck forecast for each grid or sector, good or bad, applies to every member of the family/workplace if the maindoor or the door most often used of the house or office is located in that particular sector or facing that direction. For example, if you maindoor is located in the North sector or your property faces North, then every household member or occupant of the office will experience the kind of luck indicated in the North sector for the entire month. So always pay close attention to the flying stars of your maindoor's location and facing direction of your home, although the other rooms such as the living room and bedrooms are important too, if you spend a lot of time in them daily. The energy carried in by the flyings stars of these rooms only affects people who occupy them frequently.

You will also be affected by the star visiting your zodiac animal sign's home location. Table below shows the home location of each zodiac sign. For example, the Rat is affected by the stars in the North sector, the Monkey is affected by the stars in Southwest, and so on.



We also provide some suggestions of Feng Shui cures to remedy or minimize the negative influence of the inauspicious flying stars as well as Feng Shui enhancers and lucky charms that can be used to further tap into the energy of auspicious ones and maximize the wonderful possibilities of the month. Knowing in advance the locations of the stars enables you to easily make the necessary arrangement to make the best out of every month.

The placements of monthly Feng Shui cures can be moved around from month to month. For instance, a cure against the monthly misfortune star #5 can move from sector to sector to track the misfortune star. However, the annual cure for the misfortune star must stay where it is placed at beginning of the year.

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Feng Shui 2021 Flying Star Chart July
Mar 6, 2021 - Apr 4, 2021

March Monthly Flying Star 2021 Chart


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSouth - Great wealth luck is in store and increases career and wealth opportunities. Consider new expansions in business, or having bigger career goals. If your bedroom or front door is in this sector, money luck is strong and can be magnified by displaying the Rooster with Crown or 8 Celestial Immortal Plaquein the South this month. Wear a Halved Ammonite Pendant (L) or carry the Asset Wealth Bull Talisman or Good Fortune Lock Amulet Keychain. Family issues could arise, especially between siblings. There is no real reason for this conflict and displaying Star of David Crystal Balls in this sector promotes harmony.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNorth - The annual Sickness star #2 is bad on its own, and is only stregnthened by the presence of the monthly Magnifying Star #9 in this sector. Health, in particular related to kidney, ear and wait, arise and could be remedied by placing the Garuda Bird for Protection Against Illness or Brass Wu Lou with 3d Eight Immortals (L) in this North sector. Negative energy can be further overcome if you carry a Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health & Protection or Tortoise-Snake Health Talisman. Pregnant women are especially vulnerable and should make every effort to avoid this sector this month. People who do remain in this sector would be wise to display a Brass Herbal Wu Lou near their bed, and wearing a Twelve Horoscope Wulou Pendant is effective at combating negativity too. Hang a Clear Quartz Wu Lou for Health with Bell Hanging in your car.

Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health & Protection

Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSouthwest - Luck in the Southwest is mainly positive. Careers get a boost and business opportunities look promising for people who spend a lot of time here or has a maindoor here, also the matriach. To further attract victory luck, display a Desktop Flag Of Victory or the Luo Han With Crab For Good Strategy & Business Luck in this sector. Carry the "Victory Banner" Success Amulet or Flag Of Victory Feng Shui Keychain and wear the Jade Good Fortune In-Front-Of-Eye Pendant. Conflict is still a possibility, though, with gossip or office politics indicated. Legal issues could even arise. To protect yourself from this negative energy at bay, display a Crystal Ball - Rose Quartz in this sector and carry the "Anti-Jealousy" Medallion with you.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationEast - The arrival of the monthly Sickness Star causes a tendency toward health problems especially in the liver, pancreas, limbs and tongue for people who has a bedroom or the maindoor here, also the eldest son. Place the Healing Deer Carrying The Vase Of Longevity With Linzhi or Brass Wulou with 3d Eight Immortals in the East this month to help absorb illness threats. Carry the Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health & Protection or wear a Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet. Academics and scholastic luck get a boost of luck, especially with help from the Golden 9 Level Education Pagoda. Married women who sleeps here or has an East-facing home should be on alert, as their husbands could be tempted by a new female in their environment. Try carrying a Enhancing Relationships Amulet to restore fidelity.

Healing Deer Carrying The Vase Of Longevity With Linzhi

Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSoutheast - Stress and conflict surround those with bedroom or maindoor in this sector, also the first daughter, sheep and monkeys. The annual Misfortune Star and the monthly Argumentative Star #3 combined are cause for concern and bad luck. Business luck could suffer due to financial disputes. Don’t sign new contracts or make new deals. Cash flow weakens now with those in this sector or Southeast-facing home or office. Place a 6 inch Five Element Pagoda and a Gold Apple with Peace Symbol here as remedy. Carry a 5 Element Pagoda With Tree Of Life Amulet and Apple Peace Amulet, and hang a Golden Tibetan Double Dorje Phurba Tassel in your car. Keep the Southeast as calm and quiet as possible so as not to agitate the negative stars. Wearing a Natural Ice Obsidian Pi Xiu Pendant and displaying a Yellow Jasper Wealth Pot with Ingots in this area could ease money loss and promote better business and luck at this time.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationCenter - Good luck blessings and heightened romance are in store for everyone in the household this month. Financial gains that were not expected could seem to be Heaven-sent. Displaying the Gui Ren Windchime or Crystal Ball with White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God here and everyone in the household carrying a Sum-of-Ten Amulet (Blue) or Heavenly Star Keychain can magnify these luck even more. Students and those in the media can expect extra creativity and productivity. Academic luck can be enhanced with the help of a Manjushri Dhih Scholastic Amulet or Scholastic Keychain. Possibility of health issues indicated. Wear or carry a Medicine Buddha Amulet For Good Health & Protection or "Good Health & Well-Being" Medallion to protect yourself from illness energies. 

Scholastic Keychain

Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNorthwest - This sector suffers badly now from misfortune, possible violence or robbery. Health is at risk so avoid sleeping or working in this sector whenever possible. The patriarch, dogs and boars are affected. Placing a Anti Robbery Plaque as well as 8 Inch Five Element Pagoda with Tree of Life or 5 Element Pagoda With Tree Of Life (7 inch) in the NW this month could keep negative chi from causing havoc. Wear a Stupa Pendant with Leng Yan Zhou or carry a 5 Element Pagoda With Tree Of Life Keychain. The health risks come mainly related to the lung, skin, bones and nose problems. A Clear Quartz Crystal Ball (L) can help ease aggresion and tame the potential for arguments or stress.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationWest - Prosperity and popularity get a boost now, with many opportunities coming your way if you have your bedroom, maindoor or office here. Advances are ahead in your career luck and can be enhanced with a Six Smooth Round Citrine Crystal Balls or 6 Big Smooth Coins Ruler in this sector. A 6-Rod Mystic Knot Windchimes is also a way to further attract good fortune. Carry a Dragon Heavenly Seal Amulet or wear a Red and Yellow Phantom Quartz Bracelet or Kuan Yin Jade Pendant with Adjustable Necklace. If a front door is located in this sector, keep it well lit to light fortune’s way. Love may be boring now but couples can rekindle the flame with a Enhancing Relationships Amulet, as well as a display of Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNortheast - The monthly Robbery Star #7 brings danger of burglary as well as violence of many types. Displaying the Anti Burglary Plaque With Door Guardians can help ward off threats of many physical kinds. Adding a Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros in the NE this month can also overcome this negativity and protect against the real threat of an accident by fire. Carry a Anti Burglary Amulet 2021 or wear water element crystals like Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bracelet or Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet, and hang in the car a Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet for those with NE facing house or whose bedroom/living room or main door located in the NE, as well as the youngest son, ox and tiger-born. Unwanted sexual advances could occur to those affected by this Star. Placing a Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Rooster figurine nearby can add strength to anyone affected.




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