Dragon Heavenly Seal Amulet

Dragon Heavenly Seal Amulet
Dragon Heavenly Seal Amulet
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Dim: Dia. 1.875x0.125 in, Lgth 4.625 in (5x0.3 cm, 12 cm)
Material: Metal

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The Celestial Dragon is one of the most revered and auspicious symbols in Feng Shui symbolism. In the year of the Ox 2021, the Heavenly Star #6 rules the chart of the year - which brings luck from heaven and strong support from the cosmic that attracts good health, longevity, wealth, networking luck and good opportunities to everyone. The Flying Star also helps bring in influential and helpful mentors to support you and open doors for you.

You will be able to capture these benefits when you need them if you keep the Dragon Heavenly Seal Amulet with you at all times.You may use it a keyring or a decorative hanging by clipping it onto your bag to bring endless blessings and luck from the above onto your side.

This Feng Shui amulet is ideal for those in closing business deals as it is said to help prevent roadblocks that could jeopardize completion of ventures.

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