Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet (High Grade)

Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet (High Grade)
Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet (High Grade) Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet (High Grade) Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet (High Grade)
SKU: SKU4128
Weight : 55.00g ( 0.12 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 8-13.5mm beads, Lgth 6-7.5 inches
Material: Crystal

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An absolutely beautiful high grade Aquamarine beads exhibiting mesmerizing glowing ocean blue colors that have been prized since time immemorial.

Aquamarine is a calming stone that is beneficial in reducing stress and quieting the mind. It helps clarify perception, removes confusions and increases intellect. Associated with the throat chakra, Aquamarine promotes smooth communication skills and self-expression making it a good stone for those who have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts and feelings. Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking, and is an excellent stone for salespeople, teachers and presenters of all types. This beryl stone is said to accelerate the intellectual reasoning processes and enhance the ability for rapid response.

This stone creates harmony in the surrounding energy and protects you against pollutants. Aquamarine imparts courage to its wearer, soothes fear and enhances sensitivity. Known as "Water of the Sea", it was carried by sailors in ancient times as talisman for safe passages and guard against drowning and diseases; hence a good protective stone to carry or wear during cruises or travel on water.

This crystal is very beneficial during pregnancy; it discourages miscarriage and helps to protect both mother and baby from harm. Aquamarine is a wonderful stone for meditation; it sharpens intuition and opens clairvoyance.

Physically Aquamarine is a stone of breath, the respiratory tract, and the lungs. It is said to heal sinus conditions and frequent coughing, and is effective for hay fever and other chronic allergies.

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