Feng Shui Three Legged Toad

Feng Shui Three Legged Toad
Feng Shui Three Legged Toad Feng Shui Three Legged Toad Feng Shui Three Legged Toad
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Money Frogs is believed to enhance both your windfall luck and money luck for members of the household.

The Three Legged Toad, also recognized by name the “Money Frog”, is a celestial and mythical creature, emerging every full moon to bring with it wealth and good fortune. It is one of the most prominent icons of prosperity and monetary gain in Feng Shui, and can often be spotted beside cash registers, receptions and owners’ desks all across Asia.

In ancient Chinese folklore, the Three Legged Toad was the wife of renowned man who attained the Elixir of Mortality from Hsi Wang Mu, the Goddess of the West. The toad, who at that time was still a maiden, was jealous and so stole the elixir from her husband. As retribution by the other gods, she was transformed into a three-legged toad and sentenced to reside on the moon. Because of this, the Three Legged Toad is always seen sitting on a bed of treasure, carrying two strings of coins and biting one in the mouth – her natural greed requires that she always be surrounded by riches. This is why she is such a strong symbol of prosperity that is used extensively to attract wealth luck.

The Three Legged Toad is also a very potent pictogram of highly valued money luck because of her relation to Liu Hai, an ancient Taoist Magic academic. Whenever he desired the presence of the Three Legged Toad, he would simply use a strand of coins as bait, and the toad would appear. It is for this reason that images of Liu Hai fishing for the famous toad is extremely well-liked and used among Feng Shui enthusiasts.

Some Feng Shui tips on how you can make full use of this good luck symbol to attract wealth luck:

1) Display this good luck charm in the Southeast sector of your workplace or living room; this is known as the “Wealth Sector” based on Feng Shui Bagua, and is said to help enhance both your windfall luck and provide monetary gain for members of the household.

2) The Three Legged Toad is believed to bring you sudden bursts of windfall luck when displayed in your “Sheng Chi” corner (Feng Shui Kua), as well as the areas of your home where the #8 and #9 lucky Flying Stars are situated.

3) Using two Three Legged Toads in the same area is a very beneficial practice; at the main entrance of your home or office, place on frog facing inwards, and one facing outwards. This signifies the frogs collecting money from outside and then bringing it into the home or office.

4) Housewives who place the Feng Shui Three Legged Toad at the altar of the Wealth or Earth God is believed to be benefited with the luck of gambling.

5) The lucky charm is essential for businessmen who are seeking to expand their business; when placed at integral points of customer interaction (such as counters and cash registers), the frog is said to help create a better money-generating environment.

6) For the best results from the Three Legged Toad, use nine figures in the same area. This is ideal because it symbolizes the flow of money inwards from the nine directions of the compass. The frogs can be placed either in your living room or in your front garden; display them at arbitrary points, ensuring that they are all facing in different directions. The Feng Shui Money Frog at your main entrance should, however, face inwards – this signifies money coming into your household. While nine is the optimum number, three or six Money Frogs will also be sufficient in creating wealth luck.

7) For individuals who have careers in which commission is a bonus, place a money frog beside your desk or in a diagonal direction to the main entrance of your house; this is reputed to subconsciously encourage customers to tip to your benefit.

8) Three Legged Toad makes an excellent good luck gift.


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