Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat

Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat
Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat
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Weight : 1,050.00g ( 2.31 lbs)
Dim: 3.5x7x3.875 in (8.9x17.8x9.9 cm)
Material: Resin

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Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea is a symbol of overcoming all obstacles and achieving success.

The Eight Immortals, according to ancient tales, were summoned from heaven to help humans in reaching their objectives and aspirations. This colorful figurine crafted out of resin, portrays the Eight Immortals crossing the sea – keeping this piece in your home or workplace therefore symbolizes that they will support you in your ventures and summon the admiration from those around you.

The Eight Immortals are a group of legendary Taoist immortals in Chinese mythology. The Eight Immortals crossing the sea is one of the best tale known that involves all of them. It tells the story of how the Eight Immortals, through the use of each of their their magical objects and instrument successfully crossed the extremely rough and stormy East Sea. Because of this reason, Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea has risen to become a symbol of overcoming all obstacles and achieving success through different methods and special skills.

The eight immortals are a group of Xian or enlightened and immortal beings in feng shui who each represent a directional sector of the bagua. It is said that they are summoned from the heavens to assist humans in obtaining wisdom, longevity and all other manner of earthly goals.

Each of the eight immortals has a beneficial force they are representative of and carries a different object for destroying various types of negative energy.

The first of the eight immortals is Chung-Li Chuan. He is a potent representative of longevity because he is known to have discovered the elixir of life, which cures illness and can raise the dead. He carries an enchanted fan or peach.   

Chang Kuo-Lau is the second of the eight immortals in feng shui. He is representative of wisdom and has the power to grant a child to those who have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive. He rides upon a magical mule that can take him thousands of miles in a single day and carries a bamboo tube.

Lu Dong-Ping is the third immortal and representative of academic success and scholastic protection. He is a Taoist scholar whom carries an enchanted sword for exterminating evil spirits and a fly-whisk with the power to cure disease and give health.

The fourth immortal is Ts’ao Guao-Chiu who is representative of recognition and fame. This feng shui figure was an affiliate of the Song imperial court and so, is finely dressed with a beautiful feather fan. He carries a jade tablet.

Li T’ieh Guah, the fifth immortal,is disguised as a destitute beggar with a crutch and Wu Lou but is actually regarded as the most powerful of the 8 immortals because of his ability to confer higher intelligence. He is often companioned with a deer. 

The sixth immortal is Han Hsiang Tzu in feng shui. He is the most jubilant immortal conferring happiness and healing of sickness with his magic flute.

Lan T-sai Ho is a female and seventh of the immortals, who blesses young woman with her great luck. She carries with her a beautiful basket of flowers.

He Hsien Ku is the final of the eight immortals and also a female. Her power is to confer luck in love, marriage and descendancy and so is also called the “immortal maiden.” She carries a fly whisk and an enchanted lotus blossom.

Here are some feng shui cures for the placement of the eight immortals in your home:

  1. Lillian Too recommends placing the eight immortals in the living room of your home. This placement will strengthen the current of the luck of success in all aspects of your life. It will stabilize the energy of your environment and foster the aspirations of studying children.
  2. Place the eight immortals behind your business desk to enjoy their good luck in succeeding in business ventures.
  3. Place the eight immortals in the East area of the room or home for strong and universal luck in health according to the feng shui bagua.

According to feng shui celestial calendar we are in the period 8 which occurs from 2004-2024. For this reason feng shui objects associated with the number 8, such as the 8 immortals will be particularly potent throughout the next decade. Remember not to place such an object in a place of disrespect like on the floor, in the bathroom or kitchen.

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