Brass Fu Dogs with Shi Gan Dang Mountain

Brass Fu Dogs with Shi Gan Dang Mountain
Brass Fu Dogs with Shi Gan Dang Mountain Brass Fu Dogs with Shi Gan Dang Mountain
SKU: SKU2941
Weight : 900.00g ( 1.98 lbs)
Dim: 4.25x2.25x4.125 in (10.79x5.7x10.4 cm)
Material: Brass

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This classic Feng Shui product features a pair of Fu Dogs flanking a mountain engraved upon it "Shi Gan Dang" in the Chinese language. The name is derived from Shi Gan Dang, who was the skilled exorcist master of ancient times, who originated from the Tai Shan mystical mountain in the Province of Shandong. He was extremely skilled at what he did, and was an expert at capturing and killing all forms of supernatural spirits and evils.

However, with great talent came great recognition, and Shi Can Dang could not deal with all the pleas for his help across China. He therefore decided that he would distribute stone plagues with his name engraved on them. It is because of this that people today still use plaques with the figures Si Gan Dang, to protect against malignant forces and suppress supernatural spirits. It's believed that when these demons come close to your home and see the name Shi Gan Dang, they will be terrified and flee instantly.

The pair of Fu Dogs or Foo Dogs are mythical protectors of the gates of heaven - they serve to protect the heavens from malicious spirits and evil influences. Because of this, the Fu Dogs remain as an icon of safeguard and protection, being used widely in homes and offices. Keeping these Fu Dogs in your home is believed to protect everyone in the household from malicious spirits and bad intentions.

The Fu Dogs also eliminate negative chi, changing that which comes into the home or office into positive energy. To solve the problem of shar chi (killing energy) gushing into your business premises, display the Fu Dogs on both sides of a door facing an elevator, escalator or stairwell - all of which are notorious sources of sha chi. Placing them on the sides of the gate at the front of your home will serve this purpose very well especially if your house is facing a road straight ahead of it or any imposing infrastructure. They will also defend your home from any neighbourly nuisances.

If the main entrance of your house faces places such as hospitals, funeral homes or cemeteries, place the Fu Dogs with Shi Gan Dang Stone outside to prevent any evil energy from these locales from entering. If you feel that there are dangerous spirits within your home, you can place this item inside your house to eliminate them and dissipate their negative chi.

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