Eagle Eye Stone Bracelet

Eagle Eye Stone Bracelet
Eagle Eye Stone Bracelet
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Weight : 75.00g ( 0.17 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 11-14.5mm beads, Lgth 6-7 inches
Material: Crystal

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Eagle Eye Stone has a glassy, iridescent and pebbly appearance. Silkily glowing, this stone provides a relaxing effect to its beholder - good if you are easily stressed out.

Besides being said to be good for insomnia and provides mental calm, Eagle Eye gives focus, courage and purpose to its owners in moments when your life lacks it. The Eagle Eye is a powerful and courageous tool for increasing vitality and provides the strong-will and determination to progress despite obstacles. If you are considering making changes in your life, such as to make progress in love or career, the stone you need is the Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye enhances leadership, authority, understanding and analytic skills. It also increases devotion and aids in smoothing differences between life partners.

Eagle Eye Stone is emotionally balancing and reduces stubbornness. Physically, it is reputed to be beneficial for asthmatic patients and for digestive system disorders, spleen, pancreas, bones and joints.

Crystal Bracelet is elastic and will be cleansed before shipment.

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