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Pair of Chi Lin on Coins and Ingots (s)

Pair of Chi Lin on Coins and Ingots (s)
Pair of Chi Lin on Coins and Ingots (s) Pair of Chi Lin on Coins and Ingots (s)
SKU: SKU1008
Weight : 480.00g ( 1.06 lbs)
Dim: 1.75x1.125x2.125 in each (4.5x3.2x5.4 cm each)
Material: Brass

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With the head of a dragon and the body of a horse, it is a unique combination of the best qualities of both these auspicious animals.

This pair of Chi Lin standing upon a bed of wealth, including golden coins and gold ingots, to depict your prosperity and wealth is safeguarded.

Chi Lin, or the Chinese Unicorn, are a very common and very powerful symbol, seen often guarding the entrance ways of homes and buildings. This is because in legend they were the guardians of the heavenly gates. Legend tells that they would prevent all evil from crossing through the sanctimonious portal.

In ancient times, Chi Lin were known to be used by the revered emperors of China. They would sit on their desks, placed as noble guardians of important stamps and seals. Chi Lin’s are also well known as the symbol of first-ranking military officials in China. The aforementioned factors make Chi Lin most beneficial and excellent for anyone in civil or military service, particularly if they make a lot of important decisions at their desk.

Chi Lin are comprised of a very dynamic combination of some of the most auspicious characteristics of animals known in Feng Shui. They are said to walk on both land and water. Their visual appearance is striking. They have the head of a dragon, scales of a carp, the body of a horse and a tail of of little curls. Each of these attributes lends the chi lin a different symbolic power that operates in harmony with the others.

The dragon head of the majestic Feng Shui chi lin shares the powerful cosmic breath of the dragon, while the steadfastness of the horses body conveys strength, upward  mobility and loyalty. The scales of the carp cover this symbol with the energy of wealth and abundance. It is said that anyone who looks into the chi lin’s eyes will be brought happiness and good fortune.

Also called the dragon horse, the combined symbolic effects of the magnificent, empowering traits of the chi lin include: ambition, confidence, fearlessness, fortitude, sound well-being and great endurance. They protect the owner with great loyalty and ferocity.

Here are some Feng Shui cures you can use for deciding where to place your Chi Lin:

  1. Place one Chi Lin on either side outside of your entranceway, especially if you are directly opposite a T-intersection, elevator, stairwell or other path of transport. The Chi Lin will help to slow down any excessively fast travelling chi which can cause damage if not slowed down.
  2. Place a Chi Lin in the East sector to help protect any family members who are not in the home or are travelling. Face them so looking toward the main entrance.
  3. For a steady stream of wealth luck place the chi lin in your office, workplace or dining room in a prominent position.
  4. The North corner of your desk or home is the recommended space for bringing Career Luck according to Feng Shui bagua theory. It is best to place Chi Lin at some distance and looking a bit away from you to avoid confrontation with their strong Yang energy.
  5. Chi Lin can remedy the powerful annual 3 killings by being located in affected areas of the home effected by this annual celestial event.

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