Brass Feng Shui Victory Horse (L)

Brass Feng Shui Victory Horse (L)
Brass Feng Shui Victory Horse (L) Brass Feng Shui Victory Horse (L) Brass Feng Shui Victory Horse (L)
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Material: Brass

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Horse is popularly used in feng shui to invite fame luck and bring good opportunities.

This beautiful rearing horse is a representation of confidence, aggression, victory and vitality. Because the Horses are an icon of authority, endurance and perseverance, they are a highly regarded auspicious symbol in Feng Shui, allowing the beholder to sprint stably through any obstacle in the journey of life.

Horses are great symbols of success, triumph, conquest, confidence and loyalty. They are very popular figures in feng shui as well as in Chinese art. They are strong, steadfast and graceful creatures with the ability to carry others with them to meet great ends. In feng shui they are known for their special characteristics of power and advancement. Their presence will also be beneficial to those whose Chinese zodiac sign is that of the horse.

There are many types of horses, including those that stand steady on a bed of treasure. These are two common types of horses portrayed in feng shui: the tribute horse, which offers redemption and the victory horse which offers great success.

The tribute horse is lavish and well-off, an often protector from bad intentions. Traditionally these objects were widely given as a gift of redemption. In ancient times it was common for those who had been defeated in war to give a tribute horse to the emperor.

The victory horse is always portrayed as galloping or rearing. They are symbols of upward mobility - such as career promotions - because of the way they face the sky. They emanate yang energy and fire element and so are best placed not directly facing a person.

Sometimes birds are seen flying alongside the hooves of the running horse. Showing that the creature can gallop with the same speed and grace with which the birds fly. These swiftly running horses represent accelerated achievement. They are often pursued by businessmen and those climbing the career ladder because of their presence conjures the fast track to success.

Here are some feng shui tips for placing your horse:

  1. Place in the South sector or corner of a room to invite great reputation luck, respect among peers or fame luck. This is because horse is a fire element and the South is the sector of fame and recognition in feng shui bagua 8 aspirations formula. This is very good for those who are regularly in the public eye.
  2. Place a horse on your desk, or on an elevated position to help you get noticed and increase your reputation luck.
  3. Display the Feng Shui horse prominently in widely visible areas of the home, like the living room or entrance way. Its strong Yang element will not go well in the bedroom, bathroom or other private Yin energy areas.
  4. Place a horse in your workplace as this is believed to help you carry you swiftly to your goals and excel past your peers with little effort. Very good for people in competitive work environments.
  5. Face the horses toward a door or window and not directly toward you to avoid confrontation with their strong Yang energy.

Horses are friends to travelers. They can be used especially by those looking for a visa or immigration. A pair of horses helps further symbolize increased communication. They are great gifts for those in competitive careers such as businessmen, entrepreneurs, politicians or artists.

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