Black Obsidian Bagua with Trigrams

Black Obsidian Bagua with Trigrams
Black Obsidian Bagua with Trigrams
SKU: SKU4864
Weight : 280.00g ( 0.62 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 3.25x0.5 in (bagua) (8.5x1.5 cm)
Material: Crystal

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A sleek black obsidian round disc etched with the images of the Yin Yang Bagua symbol and the Eight Trigrams.

A bagua is a useful cure in Feng Shui. The combination of the symbol yin yang with the sacred symbols of the Eight Trigrams forms a powerful tool that diffuses the impact of killing energy (char chi) that might be present in your home. 

This Obsidian stone is a very powerful protective stone that has metaphysical properties that will help shield you from negativity and bad intentions. It also helps increase self-control, self-esteem and self-confidence, and alleviate issues with shyness or shame thus stimulates growth and opens new horizons. Obsidian dissipates unloving thoughts and helps you to know who you truly are. This stone is said to draw out depression, mental stress and emotional blockages and will help your mind to recover from any tragedies or past traumas.

Display the Black Obsidian Bagua with Trigrams in your home to drive away negative energy, chase away malevolent spirits, dissolve bad luck and prevent mishaps, and to enhance greater harmony between people living in its space, regardless of your differences.

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