Brass Tortoise Figurine

Brass Tortoise Figurine
Brass Tortoise Figurine Brass Tortoise Figurine Brass Tortoise Figurine
SKU: SKU4879
Weight : 530.00g ( 1.17 lbs)
Dim: 5.25x2.875x2.375 in (13.5x7.5x6 cm)
Material: Brass

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Tortoise is a  popular Feng Shui symbol of longevity and good health, highly sought after by many who wish to live long healthy lives. This brass tortoise sitting on a bed of treasure represents good health and wealth luck.

The tortoise is most revered for its abilities in longevity. Said to live 3000 years in Chinese mythology, the turtle is the fabled bringer of the Lo Shu square to the Chinese people. It is one of the four celestial animals; the tortoise represents the direction of the North, the season of winter and the color black. It is an important symbol of landscape, protection and immunity in feng shui.

One of the best known feng shui tip is to place a tortoise in the North sector of your home to invite its career luck into your life. Another well known cure is to place a tortoise in the back of your home or office to draw on its energy of strengthening and protecting qualities. Tortoises are associated with the number one, so having one will do.

Here are some other feng shui Placements to enhance the tortoise’s stable energy:

  1. Place the tortoise at your front entrance facing toward the outside to prevent bad or dangerous energy from coming into your home and further offer protection to all of the members of your household.
  2. Place a tortoise near or in a water feature such as a waterfall or fish tank if you have one in your home, to display it amongst its natural element and strengthen its powers.
  3. Place the tortoise in your personal “Tien Yi” direction (according to Feng Shui Kua) if you are suffering from illness as this is said to invite its potent forces of longevity to draw your recovery nearer.
  4. Place the tortoise at the head of your bed is believed to ease the anxieties and mental troubles that lead to insomnia. Here a tortoise can deflect any negative energy that might cause you bad dreams. Thus the tortoise is also very helpful for children that are afraid of sleeping in their own beds or have trouble getting to sleep at night.

Feng shui bagua placements

  1. Place the tortoise in the North sector of your home to harness the turtle’s protection and powers in your career luck. If you wish to use it in your office, place it behind your desk facing out. It is reputed to aide you in gaining insights from important figures in your field and blocking the negative energy of colleagues with poor intentions.
  2. Placing the meta tortoise in the Northwest sector of your home will increase patriarch luck, for supporting the male-figure in the home.
  3. Place a tortoise in the East sector of your home to shower the gifts of a long happy life on your entire family. Here the tortoise is a powerful symbol of steadfastness and longevity.

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