Family-pak 4 Pieces - Bejeweled Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Keychain

Family-pak 4 Pieces - Bejeweled Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Keychain
Family-pak 4 Pieces - Bejeweled Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant Keychain
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Weight : 240.00g ( 0.53 lbs)
Dim: rhino-1.875x0.875 in, elephant-1x1 in, 5 in Lgth (4.8x2.3 cm, 2.5x2.5 cm, 12.7 cm)
Material: Metal

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High quality robbery and accident protection amulet keychain made up of enameled bejeweled blue elephant and rhinoceros.

Is your front door or family area affected by Burglary or Violence Flying Star #7 this year? If that is the case, everyone in the household will be affected by its negative energy throughout the year. To get a personal cure for each and everyone in the household can be a financial burden to some and with that, we have come up with an economical family pack for the cure for this star. With this value pack, you can go easy on your pocket and have a peace of mind that every of your precious family member is protected.

The Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant are a well known feng shui symbol of protection, be it against robbery, accidents, office drama or betrayal, especially against the #7 Violent Star in Period 8. The Rhinoceros and the Elephant have attained these attributes due to their formidable strength and size in the animal kingdom, their protective and resilient nature as an animal, and how they are aggressive towards any other threatening beasts.

This protective amulet keychain can be kept in the pocket or hung on your briefcase, handbag, mobile phone or near your workdesk.

1) The # 7 Flying Star is a very malicious one, and brings with it burglary, robbery, violence and bloodshed. To keep this star (in our Period 8 chart) from causing harm, carry this protective amulet with you at all times. The intrinsic element of the #7 violent star is metal. Water exhausts metal. This "Blue" Feng Shui cure with the image of two protective animals are best representing a strong water element that will weaken the #7 star metal energy.

2) For those involved in business, keeping a Feng Shui Rhinoceros and Elephant amulet will serve to prevent your enemies and competitors from getting ahead of you or sabotaging your career.

3) Keeping a Feng Shui Rhinoceros and Elephant protective amulet in your workplace will help you to resolve issues regarding backstabbing and harmful colleagues. It will keep quarrelling and chaos and bay, and allow the office to be a calm and easy environment to work in.

Use it as a keyring, or clip it onto your bags for protection against harmful energies and dishonest individuals.

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