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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast & Chinese Horoscope 2019 - 2nd Month (Mar 6 - Apr 4, 2019)

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RAT's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (North)  Luck Star Rating

A highly auspicious sum-of-ten is created by the presence of the #4 Peach Blossom Star and the #6 Heaven Star this month, blessing Rats with good fortune, good relationships and completion luck. Carry a Sum-Of-Ten Enhancer Amulet Keychain. It will seem that you have an invisible hand helping you along, when projects get completed, ideas get approved, and doors open for you that were closed before. This is a time to work hard and dream big, without doubting yourself or your abilities. Qui Ren luck from a mentor means advice could be offered, or help given that gives you an extra edge. Carrying the Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain is an excellent way to call on this mentor luck, as is hanging or displaying a Kuan Yin Bringing Abundance or Buddha's Foot Windchime in your North sector. This month is about being in the right place at the opportune time and then taking advantage of helpful energy to make this work for success and money.

Love and friendship are favored with the #4 Peach Blossom Star and romance can be delightful for singles looking for that special someone. Accept invitations, socialize and love can bloom. To encourage a true love, carry the 9-Tailed White Fox Amulet, but be careful if you are married, because the #4 can also threaten temptation. Students have scholastic luck with the #4 as well as the #6, where a teacher or parent offers wise advice and a boost in matters regarding studies. Display a Clear Quartz Crystal Point on your study desk.


OX's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast)  Luck Star Rating

The #4 Peach Blossom Star puts the Ox in a charming and friendly mood, which helps in business dealings or negotiations as well as in personal matters. Socializing and networking pays off now and could help form a new alliance for present or future endeavors. This is a people-oriented month and others will be drawn to you. Co-workers are happy to support you, which could come in handy because you will be filled with project ideas and may need extra hands to complete what you start. A boss will be impressed with your hard work and ideas. Just be sure not to come off in a competitive or threatening way – share your talents and ideas but don’t appear to have only your interests in mind. Display a Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati in the NE this month will benefit Ox people tremendously - in education, career or relationships.

Students get along with others and are blessed with academic luck, making studies and tests go better than usual. Socialize but leave time for school work. You are advised to carry a Scholastic Keychain and display a Clear Quartz Crystal Point on your study desk. In love, the Ox has excitement in friendship or love. It could be a time for a nice, casual relationship but could also be a time for passion and a deeper interest. The married Ox needs to use caution to avoid temptation from an outside person – make sure your words or actions with another aren’t interpreted as flirtation. You should carry a Marriage Saver Keychain and display a Rose Quartz Puff Heart for Love Luck in the NE. Keeping a water feature away from your Northeast sector now to tame temptation. Family time may suffer because of all your socializing and networking, so make sure you carve out time for those closest to you.


TIGER's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast) Luck Star Rating

It’s a good month for all Tigers, but an especially favorable one for students. The #4 Peach Blossom Star offers good relationship luck for all, but also scholastic luck for the young Tiger who is looking to excel in studies or get ready to apply for a scholarship or take an important test. To encourage maximum scholastic luck, display the Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati near a work desk, and call upon it when exam time comes along. Tigers in the creative field as well as the academic world are specially blessed with energy and ideas now, so let your talent shine and trust yourself. This is a good time for all Tigers to make plans, even if they seem a bit out of the ordinary. Call upon your allies or make new contacts, because people will be receptive to helping you and adding their own input. Networking goes well now and this is a good time to hold meetings. This is the month to impress people. Carry a Aventurine Pagoda Amulet or Wisdom Pagoda Keychain.

Romance is in the air, and some Tigers may be ready to deepen a relationship, perhaps to the point of a proposal or marriage. For others, a special someone may appear and still others will just enjoy a passionate time of dating. If a relationship has gone on a long time but you feel no special bond or chemistry, it may be time to make a break of it so that each of you can truly find your soul mate elsewhere. Married Tigers need to beware temptation, on their behalf or that of their partner’s. Innocent flirting could be misinterpreted or taken too far, causing relationship problems. Wear or keep in your bag a Morganite Crystal Bracelet or Morganite Crystal Bracelet (High Grade) to improve love luck.


RABBIT's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (East)  Luck Star Rating

This will be one of the luckiest months of 2019 for the Rabbit with the #6 Heavenly Star and monthly #8 Wealth Star in your chart, bringing with them good fortune, career luck and happy relationships. This is the time to go after your dreams and reach for your goals. Hard work will definitely pay off now. You get a boost in charisma and co-workers will be happy to support you and your ideas. Networking or socializing is favored and could bring about a new ally you’ll treasure for a long time. Holding meetings, closing deals or signing contracts all look promising now because your power of persuasion helps ensure that things go as you want them to. Your instincts are strong and you can make good decisions, even if they seem a bit risky or out of the ordinary. An excellent month to place the Mandala Offering with Gemstones or The Mountain of Gold in the East to boost wealth luck. It's highly beneficial for you to wear a Ocean Jasper 925 Silver Pendant with Number 8 or a Yellow Chalcedony Bracelet or carry a Bejeweled Wish-Granting Tree Keychain.

The student has education luck and can do well with exams while also spending some much-needed free time with friends. It’s a good time to aim for a higher education goal, also. Carry a Education Scholastic Amulet Keychain and display a Clear Crystal Globe (l) on your study table. Spending family time is advised for Rabbits, to deepen family bonds. Romance is exciting and could lead to a special someone. Admirers are everywhere if you keep an open mind and heart. This does not apply to married Rabbits, though, who must be careful not to let an innocent flirtation grow into something that could damage an otherwise very happy relationship. Wear a Aquamarine Heart Shape Pendant or Heart Shape Gold Meteorite Pendant with 925 Silver Frame for better love luck.


DRAGON's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast)  Luck Star Rating

There is potential good energy ahead for Dragons due to the #9 Magnifying Star, so whatever positive luck is available can be enhanced. Unfortunately, the #7 Robbery/Loss/Betrayal Star is also present and it, too, gets magnified by the monthly #9. Caution must be used because this can relate to a physical robbery, betrayal by a friend or loved one, or loss of money by means of an unwise investment or plan. Place a cure like Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras or Anti-Burglary Red Plaque in the SE. Your energy level is still high from last month, so there is a possibility for you to succeed and your confidence can help carry you through. Forge ahead with ideas but make sure you cover your back and don’t overshare with someone who is jealous of you and tries to sabotage you or steal your ideas. Carrying the feng shui Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet helps ward off jealousy or betrayal and is especially advised now. Keep busy and focus on your plans while looking over your shoulder to make sure the path is positive and clear. Be open to delegating responsibility but make sure it’s to someone you know you can 100% trust.

Personal safety is an issue for all Dragons. Beware being out too late at night and make sure doors and windows are locked at home. It’s possible that love could take a happy turn now, but it’s also possible there could be a predator in your midst, so use caution if meeting a new admirer. It’s not the time to jump in too quickly to a relationship because a person may not be what they seem on the surface. Good month to wear or keep in your bag an Amazonite Stone Bracelet or Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet (Top Grade).


SNAKE's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast)  Luck Star Rating

It’s a busy month for Snakes. Fortunately, your energy level is elevated, and your outlook is good, making it easier to keep up the pace. The month gives you a passion for work and personal matters and makes networking and socializing easier. You could meet a business ally or potential romantic partner through this, too. The #4 makes negotiations and meetings more likely to succeed, since people respond to your ideas and persuasiveness. Take time to think plans through before making big decisions, trusting your judgement more than anyone else’s. Unfortunately, the #7 Robbery/Loss Star is also present, so personal danger is a possibility. Be aware of your surroundings, keep home security tight, and also realize the #7 indicates potential betrayal, too, whether on the job or at home. To counteract the danger of the #7, keep a feng shui Anti-Burglary Red Plaque Cure or Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn in your Southeast sector at home. Females would be wise to carry the Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet and hang a Colorful Liuli Guan Gong Car Hanging Tassel in your car, to provide a sense of protection and the attraction of only those not out to harm you.

SStudents have chances to impress teachers and hard work pays off. Display a Clear Quartz Crystal Point or Clear Quartz Crystal Ball on your study desk or SE. In love, the negative energy of the #7 threatens fidelity with a partner, whether you’re married or dating. This could be infidelity by your partner, or a temptation you are faced with. Wear or keep nearby a  Rose Quartz Fox Long Dangle 925 Silver Earring or Heart Shape Amethyst Geode Bejewelled Pendant for protection.


HORSE's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (South)  Luck Star Rating

The monthly Flying Star #5 Yellow makes an appearance now, causing concern in all aspects of your life. Avoid taking risks and put off new plans, staying instead with what you are comfortable with. Expect roadblocks in your way but try not to stress. Carrying the 5 Element Pagoda Keychain or Boudhanath Stupa Keychain helps ward off the worst of the #5, as does wearing white or metallic colored clothing. Gold or silver jewelry is another feng shui recommendation to balance negative energy, especially if it also features sacred syllables. There could be an enemy at work – someone you least suspect – so be pleasant to everyone but watch your back at all times. Don’t give anyone reason to complain about you or point to work that isn’t your best. Now isn’t the time for increasing or making new investments or purchases – save money for unexpected expenses that could arise. Home repairs, auto repairs or electronic failures could all be possibilities. This tension you experience from the #5 could even affect your health, so get better rest when possible. Display a Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda (6 in) or 6 inch Trinity Pagoda here to weaken the #5.

Love and romance suffer this month, too. Singles would be better off waiting for another time to date with the hope of finding a soul mate. In fact, spending more time with friends and family could be more enjoyable now. Married Horses should watch what they say or do around a partner because an argument could arise out of nowhere. It’s not worth participating in a fight that could damage the relationship. Wear or keep in a pouch in your handbag the Golden Strawberry Quartz Bracelet (Top grade) or Golden Strawberry Quartz Bracelet (High Grade) to enhance love and relationship luck.


SHEEP's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest)  Luck Star Rating

Extreme caution is needed this month because danger, loss and betrayal are waiting around every corner for Sheep. Finances, career and personal emotions are all impacted because of the presence of the monthly #7 Robbery/Loss Star. A positive attitude will be needed to get through this dangerous time. Making time for relaxation helps recharge your emotions because even your hard work won’t be able to get you where you want to be right now. Choose carefully when dealing with people and trust your instincts rather than listening to others so much. To ward off the threat of loss or personal harm, carry the feng shui Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet. Use extra care regarding home security this month. Money loss is a real threat now, so this isn’t the time for risky moves or investments. Stick with what you know and not some scheme another person has. Display an Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras in the SW and wear a Black Rutilated Quartz Bracelet (High Grade) or Jade Kwan Kung Pendant with Oriental Necklace to overcome the #7.

Love and romance aren’t favored now, but tapping into family and friends and their support helps ease stress and provide comfort for you now. A romantic partner could surprise you with the amount of understanding they show. Singles could be better with family and friends instead of dating and trying to find someone special at this time. Wear or hang in your car a Madagascar Rose Quartz Framed Pendant or Aquamarine Heart Shape Pendant to enhance love luck.


MONKEY's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest) Luck Star Rating

Not a good month for Monkeys, who suffer from the effects of the #7 Robbery/Loss/Betrayal Star. Personal safety is at risk so be more alert to your surroundings when going out, and double check home security to help prevent a burglary. Carrying the Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet when you’re out is helpful feng shui protection. Betrayal is a potential threat, so avoid trusting anyone, even a close associate, too much, since jealousy could arise out of nowhere. Check your work on the job to avoid making mistakes, because this could be used against you. This isn’t the time for taking risks or making bold moves and when possible, ask someone to represent you in any negotiations because they may fare better than you would. You must display a Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras in the SW. Wear a Black Rutilated Quartz Bracelet (High Grade) or Jade Kwan Kung Pendant with Oriental Necklace to overcome the #7.

Students have moderate study luck and focus is necessary because if emotions due to arguments with friends enter the picture, you won’t do well on exams. This is a good time for Monkeys of all ages to spend some time alone, relaxing or doing hobbies and activities apart from family or friends. Carry a Love suffers now and it’s not the time for singles to expect to find a soul mate. Those in relationships could feel that they’d be better off single due to arguments arising for no apparent reason. To continue a relationship, it could be up to you to make things right. But you may also realize that a relationship is better off being dissolved so that you can both find happiness elsewhere rather than enduring tension that’s been happening for a long time. The Rose Quartz Calligraphy Brush Pendant is perfect for Monkey this month.


ROOSTER's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (West)  Luck Star Rating

The #3 Quarrelsome Star enters, creating tension and conflicts for the Rooster. Minor disagreements could become serious and even harmful to a business or personal relationship. Your temper flares easily now, and those around you could react in an angry manner as well. Adding elements of Fire to your environment helps tame this hostile energy. Wearing the color red or surrounding yourself with accents of this color is helpful in taming the overabundance of Wood energy from the #3. A pair of Fu Dogs or Yellow Jasper Apple on your desk helps ward off tension and stress at work. Wearing the 999 Pure Gold Laughing Buddha Hetian Jade Pendant or carrying the Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain helps produce calming energy to tame anger and it awakens wealth luck as well. This is a time to watch what you do or say because things can be easily misunderstood. Walk away from arguments rather than trying to make a point, even if you secretly hold in a grudge. Try to remain calm and focus on positive or even humorous thoughts now.

The personal life of the Rooster is affected by the #3, meaning singles are best to wait a bit to seek love. Otherwise, the wrong impression could occur from negative vibrations you emit. Romance suffers if you try to win an argument with a partner. It’s better to be the peacemaker or even spend more time alone rather than thinking you can talk your partner into sharing your ideas or opinions. The Morganite Crystal Bracelet or Morganite Crystal Bracelet (High Grade) are excellent natural crystal for Roosters in March. It calms temper and enhances relationship luck.


DOG's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest) Luck Star Rating

Energy and stamina are put to the test now with the presence of the monthly #2 Illness Star, especially since it is made even worse with the additional presence of the annual #9 Magnifying Star. Illness is possible and this is the time to pamper yourself by eating better, cutting back on alcohol, and getting more rest than usual. Keeping the Healing Herbs Wu Lou or Bejeweled Blue Medicine Buddha in your Northwest sector at home helps protect against health issues. Carrying an Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain wards off harmful energy, too. Stress on the job puts a burden on your health, so taking on new projects or working longer hours is not advised. Focus on what you are already doing and leave new ventures till another time. Weather patterns will contribute to chances for illness, so be sure to dress accordingly to avoid extreme cold or being overheated. Hang a Golden Metal Wu Lou Tassel in your car.

Mothers of Dog children need to be extra alert to any symptoms they exhibit, and take them to the doctor to avoid anything serious developing. Older students need to find balance in studying and spending time relaxing to avoid burnout. Carry a Aventurine Pagoda Amulet or Clear Quartz Pagoda Amulet.. Display a Clear Quartz Crystal Ball in your study room. This isn’t the month for singles to overdo it socially – love can be found later when energy levels are better. Wear or keep near you a Strawberry Quartz Bracelet to improve love and romance luck.


BOAR's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest) Luck Star Rating

The Boar faces negative energy from the monthly Fying Star #2 Illness Star, especially since the #9 Magnifying Star is also present and increases chances for health issues and lowered immunity. Illness could come on suddenly and it’s necessary to take better care of yourself by getting more sleep and avoiding overindulgence in food or alcohol. At the first sign of a health issue, step back from overwork and pamper yourself – see a doctor if you don’t feel well after doing this. Wearing the Auralite 23 Crystal Bracelet, Moldavite or Red and Yellow Phantom Quartz Bracelet helps in giving your immune system a boost, too. Health is the main priority now, so taking on too many responsibilities is not advised. Stay with projects and plans you already have rather than trying to accomplish too much and suffering because of it. Avoid those at work who appear to have an illness as you are more susceptible than usual to catching something from people. Even simple colds could turn serious with the energy affecting Boars now. Carry an Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain and hang a Golden Metal Wu Lou Tassel in your car. Display a Healing Herbs Wu Lou or Bejeweled Blue Medicine Buddha in the NW.

Children are especially prone to the #2’s influence so mothers need to watch for any signs of reduced energy or simple symptoms that could turn serious. Make a doctor’s appointment sooner rather than later. Students need to find a healthy balance between studying and relaxation time to avoid burnout. Carry a Aventurine Pagoda Amulet or Clear Quartz Pagoda Amulet.. Display a Clear Quartz Crystal Ball in your study. With all the potential for health problems, now isn’t the time for single Boars to be socializing in hopes of finding someone special. Wait till later to attend parties or casually date. Wear or keep near you a Strawberry Quartz Bracelet or Madagascar Rose Quartz Framed Pendant to improve love and romance luck.



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