Feng Shui Home Protection Cure Kit 2012

Feng Shui Home Protection Cure Kit 2012
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This is a Feng Shui cure kit for year 2012 at a discounted price and comes with a free gift. This Feng Shui Protection kit comprises of:

Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s)
Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s)
Place in the North to suppress sickness energy
$28.88 300g
Flaming Magic Wheel with Sword
Flaming Magic Wheel with Sword
Place in the Southwest to overcome quarrelsome energy
$36.88 230g
6 inch Five Element Pagoda
6 inch Five Element Pagoda
Place in Southeast to counteract Misfortune-bringing star #5.
$35.88 400g
Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros
Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros
Place in Northwest for protection against theft and burglary.
$39.88 1000g
Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians
Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians
Place in South as an antidote to the Three Killings.
$19.88 180g
A Pair of Pi Yao for Good Luck
A Pair of Pi Yao for Good Luck
Place in SouthEast to appease the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui)
$23.88 600g
Jade Dragon Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain
Jade Dragon Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain
This is a FREE GIFT to sync your energy with the year of the Dragon 2012 and bring good luck.
$22.88 30g

These cures are your feng shui must-haves in 2012 to protect against inauspicious Flying stars, Three Killings and the Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui). These afflictions change locations every year and if left unchecked, they can bring misfortunes, sickness, business setbacks, quarrels, lawsuits, accidents, bloodshed and many kinds of aggravating problems that cause distress for those who must endure them.

Loss and pain can be greatly reduced by applying the appropriate feng shui cures. Give yourself a peace of mind knowing your home or office protected from all the harmful energies of the year 2012 with our Feng Shui Home Protection Kit made convenient for your purchase. You must ensure the right cures are in place especailly if your bedroom, living room and entrance of your home or office is afflicted by these malignant energies.

This #2 Illness star is an earth element and brings disease, sickness, health problems and even death in the Northern sector. Avoid staying in this sector or room. Move to another bedroom. If that’s not possible, suppress the illness energy of this star with the Wu Lou with Eight Immortals.

The Hostile #3 star is situated in the Southwest and brings about verbal accusations and assaults, quarrels and law suits between family members, friends and colleagues. Watch out for trouble with the authorities. Flaming Magic Wheel with Sword is the Feng Shui cure for this star.

This year, the yellow #5 misfortune star plagues the SouthEast with a vengeance. It is a malicious star feared by all as it brings bad luck of all kinds. It is an earth element bringing with it financial loss, death, tragedies, accidents, mishaps and anything else that is negative and bad. It is always a good idea to vacate the afflicted room and avoid any loud sounds in this sector coming from the TV or radio. Do not hold a party in this sector. The yellow #5 star can be cured a Five Element Pagoda.

The #7 Violent star hits the Northwest and brings with it severe bad luck and tidings. It is a metal element associated with financial loss, robbery, theft, violence and bloodshed. Remedy this star with the Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros.

The Three Killings affect the South sector this year. The Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians is a very powerful antidote for the dreaded Three Killings or 'San Sha'. The Three Killings is an affliction that changes location every year which consists of the bad guy trio - the Year ‘Killing’ (creates setbacks and obstacles), Robbery ‘Killing’(causes monetary loss) and Disaster ‘Killing’ (brings mishaps and accidents).

Chinese astrology places great emphasis on appeasing TaiSui or Tai Shui, also called the Grand Duke of Jupiter. This is a terrifying body of energy that you do not want to offend. Confronted, he will bring severe loss, illness and misfortune upon you. Protect your home with a pair of Pi Yao in the SouthEast sector.

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