2020 Chinese Horoscope for Sheep


2020 Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast for Sheep

Lunar Year born1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, and 2020 (Horoscope Calendar)
Direction/DegreesSW1 (202.5 to 217.5)
PersonalityThose born in the zodiac sign of the Sheep are decent, pleasant and can sometimes be shaped by thoughts and words of those around them. This kind and somewhat shy sign often succeeds in creative fields where they channel their gentle nature into elegant works of literature or art. On the negative side, they can be considered negative and unable to see the bright side in a situation. They are compassionate and willing to help others. As a defense mechanism, they sometimes turn to self-deprecating humor to deflect the fact that they have made a mistake or do not excel in something.
Careermusic, actor, theology, catering, gardener
Examples of famous/infamous peopleMaria Shriver, Julia Roberts, Chow Yun Fat, Bill Gates, Mick Jagger, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Billy Bob Thornton,  Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Twain, James Stewart, Barbara Walters, U.S. President James Madison
CompatibilityRabbit, boar
Secret FriendHorse
Conflict AnimalOx

2020 Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast for SheepSHEEP 2020 CHINESE HOROSCOPE PREDICTION – OVERVIEW

According to the feng shui horoscope forecast for 2020, this year has all the makings of an auspicious year to remember for the Sheep. Element luck is outstanding, and there is much love and romance for those looking for this kind of happiness. You also benefit from the creative energies of the #4. Education and exam luck is high. It’s a time to enjoy whatever comes your way and explore new territories if you choose to. Confidence is high, energy is strong and accomplishing goals will come easier. Try to make as many contacts as you can this year as they will be very beneficial in the years to come.

This kind of year does not come around often. A satisfying year if you know how to harness your excellent good fortune luck.

Your best months are March, June, August and December.



Element luck is highly auspicious in 2020 according to the Sheep’s chart. Spirit essence and life force elements are at a very good level, so stress should be minimized, and your enthusiasm and confidence are escalated. This brings out the best in the Sheep and opens doors to career and business opportunities. Let your instincts guide you wisely. You may even want to take on a project that is a bit of a change or slight risk, since energy looks favourable.

Success luck is exceptional in 2020 so whatever goals you have show great promise of being attained. The key is to have a very clear goal and ignore obstacles. Make wise and determined decisions and then act on them. You can further elevate your success potential with the Life Force Amulet with Red Windhorse & Wishgranting Mantra’s help.



The presence of the #4 Peach Blossom Star brings many delights for the Sheep. It falls in the SW which is Universal Love Corner based on the 8 Aspirations Bagua formula, making its influence more intense than usual. It’s a good year for love, romance and even marriage for the Sheep looking for a permanent relationship. If marriage is the goal, go for it!

Because the #4 favors relationships of all types, it’s likely you’ll want to attend more social activities and enjoy the company of others, whether for love or business networking.

To increase love potential, try placing the Bejewelled God of Love and Marriage or perhaps the Bejewelled Goddess Kurukulle in your Southwest sector at home. Carrying the Love & Happiness Gold Talisman Card magnifies your charisma and attracts people in your direction. 

Sheep already in a marriage may want to call upon the Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love to rekindle romance as well as opening your eyes to what you loved about your partner in the beginning.

There’s more to the #4 Star than just romance, though – it can also magnify scholastic luck and knowledge, so young Sheep should find exams and studies getting a boost in success during the year. To enhance this luck, place the Scholar On Dragon Carp, A Pair of Jumping Carps for Career Success or Golden 9 Level Feng Shui Wen Chang Pagoda in your Southwest sector, especially on a study desk. If a Sheep child is reluctant to study or finds it difficult, consider displaying the Brass Feng Shui Pagoda on Tortoise in this area as well. Carry a Scholastic Amulet Keychain (Blue) or Scholastic Amulet Keychain (Blue).




There is some concern for the Sheep from the killing energy from the stars of 24 mountains in 2020. A relatively minor influence arises because the Sheep sits directly on the Star of Yearly Killings, a negative energy. However, because your astrological friend the Monkey shares your sector, it provides beneficial energy with the Small Auspicious Star, dampening the negativity and offering small amounts of good luck all year long. To maximize potential for this luck, place a Dragon Mirror with Wish-Granting Mantra or Phoenix Mirror with Wish-Granting Mantra facing the Monkey and Rooster directions (the Southwest and West). This helps subdue negativity as well.

More inauspicious energy comes from the Sitting 3 Killings Star to your right, which can cause three types of losses – reputation, finances and the loss of a loved one. It’s necessary to display the Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians or Three Celestial Bells in the South and keep the 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain with you to act as a barrier against this misfortune.



2020 Chinese Horoscope Health LuckAverage health is in store for the 41-year-old Sheep during the year. No major cause for concern is seen but this doesn’t mean to be reckless in how you take care of yourself.

Of concern is the health for the 53-year-old Sheep, whose health luck is bad based on your path chee chart analysis. If you haven’t had a physical for a while, this is the time to visit the doctor. Don’t ignore signs of an illness, and make sure to get adequate sleep to avoid stress. 

Good news health wise is in the forecast for the 17, 29, 65, 77 and 89-year-olds in 2020. The 77-year-old Water Sheep has special reason to enjoy the year, with few if any chances for health issues or misfortune. Take things easy but enjoy your good health fortune. To maximize longevity and keep protected, call upon the White Tara Gau Amulet by keeping an image of her near you.

To ward off serious health problems for those with poor health rating in 2020 you should display the Brass Wulou with 3d Eight Immortals, or Golden Feng Shui Bagua Wu Lou in your home. Carry or wear a health amulet: Anti Illness Amulet Keychain, Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet or Longevity Fortune Dzi Bead with Amethyst Phantom Quartz Bracelet. Hang the Jade Wulou with Ingot Hanging or Jade Feng Shui Five Wulou Tassel in your car to make sure you are fully protected from illness energies.



2020 Chinese Horoscope Wealth LuckThe best that can be said about wealth luck for the 41-year-old Sheep is that it isn’t terrible this year. Money may not be lost but it’s not a time to participate in risky investments or get rich quick schemes. Placing a Great Increasing Vase (Yellow) in your home is a good way to attract whatever wealth luck is possible even if that amount is not ideal now.

The 17-year-old, 77-year-old and particularly the 53-year-old Sheep enjoy good chances for money success in this year. In fact, the 53-year-old should be creative and bold in money-making ventures because the rewards can be high. An investment could pay off – perhaps an investment in real estate.

It’s necessary for the 29, 65 and 89-year-olds among the Sheep-born to be very cautious where money issues are concerned. Don’t take risks by gambling or overinvesting. It’s better to lie low and avoid negative impact on your wallet. Placing an Feng Shui Three Legged Toad with Money Tree or Hooking Abundance Mirror in the Southwest sector or your work desk is highly important now to lessen financial loss.

You are also advised to carry a White Dzambala Mirror Keychain, Wealth Activation Amulet Keychain or wear a Certified Grade A Jade Bat Pendant. Hang a Jade Feng Shui Five Gold Ingots Tassel or Three Jade Feng Shui Gold Ingot Hanging in your car to attract money luck.



2020 Chinese Horoscope Career LuckWhat an exciting year ahead for the 17-year-old Sheep, as education luck heightens. It’s the perfect time to improve grades and think ahead to the future after graduation. To attract the best of scholastic luck, display the Clear Crystal Globe (l) in the room where you study, in the Southwest corner.

The 29-year-old Sheep has already begun a career path and now there is strong potential to grow and pursue your dreams. Carry the Earth Seal Keychain and be open to changes or open doors to climbing the career ladder. Displaying the Monkey with Peach on Horse on your desk helps your desire to climb the corporate ladder.

41-year-olds have excellent chances of accumulating wealth from a new business venture or from a wise investment. Lay groundwork for the future and don’t be surprised if a promotion is presented to you.

Good luck is ahead for the 53-year-old Sheep who isn’t afraid of taking a risk to achieve great rewards. If you’ve had secret plans or dreams for career moves, this is the time to pursue this venture. If you have considered starting a business or taking on a business partner it’s a favourable time.

To enhance career luck, display a Bejeweled Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise on your workdesk and wear a Green Rutiled Quartz Bracelet or Green Phantom Quartz Bracelet (High Grade)



2020 Chinese Horoscope Love LuckBecause of the #4 Peach Blossom Star, love and romance look rosy in 2020. Singles who have had a secret crush on someone or have been dating only casually could find this the perfect year to make a bold move and declare their feelings. Be tasteful and respectful but follow your instincts and pursue confidently. Those Sheep already married, this year puts you in the mood for romance.

That someone special is just around the corner. Be more outgoing and you might just end up meeting the love of your life!

Give your luck to find that someone special an extra kick by placing a Wishfulfilling Jewel (Pink) for Recognition and Love 120mm or Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love in your bedroom and wearing a Fox for Mesmerizing Love Pendant, Top Grade Moonstone Pendant with Silver Frame or Blue Moonstone Cabochon Ring which as stones that enhance women's attractiveness. You can also carry a Love & Happiness Gold Talisman Card.


Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Rabbit, Sheep & Boar, Horoscope Allies Keyring - Rabbit, Sheep and Boar or Rose Quartz Allies Mobile Hanging - Rabbit, Sheep and Boar is a must-have good luck charm for Sheep people in the year of the RAT 2020.

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Astrology and Feng Shui Forecast 2020 for Sheep
Aventurine Allies Mobile Hanging - Rabbit, Sheep and Boar
Scholar On Dragon Carp
Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love
Ten Hum with Double Dorje Wheel Keychain



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