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Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2020 for Pig/Boar

Lunar Year born 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2020 (Horoscope Calendar)
Direction/Degrees NW3 (322.5 to 337.5)
Personality People under the zodiac sign of the Pig are down-to-Earth, kind and peaceful. They can keep their cool regardless of the situation. They have a talent for listening and handling whatever situation arises in the best way possible. Their loyalty and consideration for the feelings and situations of others make them a good friend, and people get along with them easily. And if the Pig gets into a problem, their friends return their help and loyalty. There is a heightened sense of responsibility about the Pig and they have a need to be personally involved in maintaining what’s right.
Career catering, social work, lawyer, entertainer, finance manager
Romance affectionate, sincere
Examples of famous/infamous people Steven Spielberg, Billy Crystal, Emma Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Woody Allen, Farrah Fawcett, Luciano Pavarotti, Elton John, Ernest Hemingway, Carl G. Jung, Henry Ford, Presidents Thomas Jefferson, The 14th Dalai Lama
Compatibility Sheep, Rabbit
Secret Friend Tiger
Conflict Animal Snake

Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2020 for BoarCHINESE HOROSCOPE & FORTUNE FOR RAT 2020 - OVERVIEW

The 2020 Chinese horoscope shows very good aspects for the Boar. It will take some determination and hard work to attain everything you want, but the potential is certainly there. Element luck is good and should prove encouraging. What you lack is staying power and determination, so you need to keep yourself motivated, learn to overcome obstacles, and believe in yourself. Do not to give up easily.  If you can do that, there is a lot of good fortune luck to be tapped.

With auspicious Feng Shui winds and excellent success luck in your chart, you will see things turn out very well for you this year if you inspire yourself to be ambitious and ensure that the afflictions coming from your 24 Mountain chart are dealt with properly.

Your best months are March, May, October and December.



Potential for success luck is excellent in 2020 with a very high lung ta/success luck element. It’s highly likely the Boar can reach their goals and achieve their dreams during the year in spite of any negative indications to the contrary. Life Force elemental luck is good so you have the vitality and physical energy to stay the course in achieving your goals.

Of concern is a low level of spirit essence. Your confidence could suffer and leave you questioning yourself and feeling pessimistic. Don’t give in to negative influences but instead, keep going! If someone you know tries to bring you down or backstab you, walk away from this harmful energy and keep moving forward. The spiritual and beneficial Tara Deities will welcome the chance to boost your spirit essence if called upon and as well as carrying the 5 Elements Balancing Keychain or wearing a Mixed Sun Stone 3-Round Bracelet (5.6mm). This will keep your confidence high which will help you see your efforts through to completion. Spinning Table-top 8 Auspicious Objects Prayer Wheel (s) on a regular basis spins away negativity.



Your Northwest sector benefits from auspicious luck from the #8 Wealth Star, bringing money potential, prosperity and leadership quality. Maximize this indication with strong yang chi energy and keep the Northwest well lit to awaken creativity and positive vibrations. Everyone in your family can benefit from this good fortune.

An excellent feng shui way to enhance wealth luck is to display the Wish Granting Tree of Life or Earth element enhancers such as Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl, Wealth Tree With Mongoose And 6 Birds, Crystal Ball with White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God or Dragon and Rat Prosperity '8' in the Northwest as they energize the wealth star. This opens doorways to wealth success.

You should also carry a Double Fish 'Always Prosperous' Amulet, Wealth Tree With Mongoose And 6 Birds Keychain or Mongoose Wealth Amulet Keychain. And hanging a Jade Mystic Knot with Lotus Tassel, 12 Emperor's Coins Ingot Tassels or Jade Feng Shui Five Gold Ingots Tassel in your vehicle can help capture the Star when you are travelling, attracting wealth into your vault.

Because crystal's earth element energy strengthens the Earth energy of #8, it's a good idea to wear them in 2020. Also, because we are now in period 8 (year 2004-2024) and it's an earth period, wearing crystal jewelries is supremely auspicious especially for the Boars this year. You can consider Natural Amber Bracelet, Yellow Chalcedony Bracelet, Ombre Amber Bracelet, Golden Rutilated 3-Round Bracelet 6.5mm, Red and Yellow Phantom Quartz Bracelet or Multicolor Phantom Quartz Bracelet (Med-High Grade). If you have more budget, the best would be these fantastic crystal gemstones - Ammolite Pendant, Canadian Ammolite Oval Pendant with 925 Silver Frame or a Super 7 bracelet.



There will be some interference on the road to success from the 24 Mountains Stars, none of which are good in 2020. The Boar sits on the Yearly Conflict Star which means it will take great effort to avoid arguments and tension when dealing with others. Carry an Apple Peace Hanging Keychain and place a Laughing Buddha statue in tthe NW.

On the Boar’s right is the Star of Yin House, always troublesome since it indicates the loss of someone close to you. It’s highly important to display the Lion Faced Dakini or Yin House Mirror in the Northwest to combat this negative energy, particularly if someone elderly lives in the home. Carry a Ten Hum Protection Wheel Amulet Keychain or White Umbrella Goddess Mirror Keychain.

Also negative is the presence of the Three Killings Star on your left, a strong affliction. To combat this harm, carry the 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain.



2020 Chinese Horoscope Health LuckAverage health luck outlook awaits the 25-year-old Boar in 2020. It will depend on how well you take care of yourself and how you stay away from overindulgence. On the other hand, the 37-year-old Boar clearly has bad health luck level and a potential to suffer a serious health setback, so watching diet, exercise and other risky activities is not optional – it’s mandatory.

Good health potential is predicted for the 13, 49, 61 and 73-year-olds so while it’s never good to take risks with your health, the horoscope indications are that you enjoy a year free of serious diseases or dangerous accidents.

To enhance health luck, display the Brass Herbal Wu Lou, White Tara Gau Amulet or Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) in your home. Carry or wear a health amulet: Anti Illness Amulet Keychain, Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet or Twelve Horoscope Wulou Pendant. Hang the Jade Feng Shui Five Wulou Tassel or Metal Wulou with 5 Coins and Bells Hanging in your car to make sure you are fully protected from illness energies.



2020 Chinese Horoscope Wealth LuckThe 61-year-old Boar won’t likely lose money in 2020, but an average wealth luck indication probably keeps you from adding to your wealth, either.

The Boars who need to watch finances the most are the 25 and 49-year-olds, whose wealth luck is severely compromised. The 25-year-old should avoid trying to make fast money from investments or any other fast-acting schemes because they are not likely to work, and you could be scammed into them. Carrying the Dorje Drolo Scorpion Amulet Keychain helps protect you from money loss, especially from unsavoury people.

The 49-year-old Metal Boar must also watch themselves to avoid being bold in investments or participating in get-rich-quick schemes. Play it safe and avoid overspending on items you don’t need, to maintain what money you have.

It’s a good year for the 13-year-old, 37 and 73-year-old Boars who should look for ways to increase money levels through savings accounts, investments or any other wise methods.

Those wishing for better wealth luck should carry the 3-Legged Toad "Always Rich" Amulet, Treasure Chest Dharani Keychain (Blue) or wear a Jade Good Fortune In-Front-Of-Eye Pendant. Display a 24k Gold Plated Hand-crafted Exquisite Wealth Ship 32gp, Prosperity Golden Pig with Gold Coins or Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Wealth Ship to give your personal money luck a boost. Hang a Jade Feng Shui Five Gold Ingots Tassel or Jade Mystic Knot with Lotus Tassel in your car to attract prosperity.



2020 Chinese Horoscope Career LuckThe 37-year-old could have an opportunity to change jobs for the better, grow where they are, or even locate to another place for successful outcomes. Many wealth enhancement opportunities will come, so be a hard worker and maximize the potential.

The 60-year-old Boar has opportunities to receive a promotion at work, or perhaps extra responsibilities. This may not mean a great increase in money but could still be meaningful and satisfying.

As for the 73-year-old Boar in 2020, you still have strength and enthusiasm to pursue what you desire in business and your ideas will be well-received and successful, if you still have a hand in running things.

However, for the 25-year-olds, it’s not a year for a change. Stay with what you know, whether it’s your studies or your beginning level in your career. Consider options carefully if they show promising aspects but don’t jump to anything lightly.

Also in need of using caution is the 49-year-old Boar who should weigh possibilities for an expansion or diversification very carefully. It may seem exciting but could be harmful if the change is too outlandish.

To enhance career luck for the Boar-born, display a Brass Soaring Dragon Grasping Ball for Success or The Golden Eagle on your workdesk and wear a Green Phantom Quartz 3 rounds Bracelet or Eagle Eye Stone Bracelet.



2020 Chinese Horoscope Love LuckLove and romance are possible for the Boar this year but it’s also a year when focusing on bettering yourself and building your confidence level might be more beneficial and help with love prospects in the future.

The Boar in a relationship would be advised to show your partner more attention and approval in order to keep the partnership happy. Watch for subtle body language signs from your partner as well as what they say because a misunderstanding or argument could arise quickly and harm the love you share.

To bolster your love luck, consider displaying the Wishfulfilling Bejeweled Pair of Mandarin Ducks or Rose Quartz Faithful Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf in your bedroom. Hang the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks Love Charm in your vehicle, or wear the Madagascar Rose Quartz Framed Pendant or 2 Eye Tibetan Old Dzi bead Pendant. You can also carry a 9-Tailed White Fox Love Mirror Keychain.


Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Rabbit, Sheep & Boar, Horoscope Allies Keyring - Rabbit, Sheep and Boar or Horoscope Guardian Deity Protector for Dog and Boar Pendant is a must-have good luck charm for Boar people in the year of the RAT 2020.

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Astrology and Feng Shui Forecast 2020 for Boar
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Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl
The Stupa of 8 Doors to Abundance Keychain
Crystal Ball with White Dzambala Tibetan Wealth God
Exquisite Rutilated Quartz Pendant A



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