Dog Charm for Handbag

Dog Charm for Handbag
Dog Charm for Handbag
SKU: SKU4086
Weight : 130.00g ( 0.29 lbs)
Dim: Dog 1x0.875x0.25 in, Length 10 in (2.5x2x0.5 cm, 25 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Hang this Dog charm onto your handbag to invite popularity luck and protection as Dogs are known to be loyal, vigilant and excellent guardian animals. You can also borrow the victorious energy of the Dog because the Victory star is present in its home location in 2018.

  • The Red Setter symbolizes class and elegance
  • The Border Collie symbolizes street-smarts and intelligence.
  • The Yorkshire Terrier symbolizes watchfullness and affection.
  • The Poodle symbolizes grace and beauty.
  • The Golden Retriever symbolizes loyalty, love and friendship.

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