Cash Flow Camels Amulet Door Hanger

Cash Flow Camels Amulet Door Hanger
Cash Flow Camels Amulet Door Hanger Cash Flow Camels Amulet Door Hanger
US$122.40 US$99.88
Weight : 250.00g ( 0.55 lbs)
Dim: 1.5x0.5x1 in (3.8x1.3x2.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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Discover the incredible significance of the camel, the ultimate Feng Shui symbol for anyone in business seeking to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Camels are renowned for their durability, crossing the harshest and driest deserts for extended periods, and skillfully storing precious water in their humps. As a result, they have become a beloved favorite among entrepreneurs and business people.

In the year of the Dragon 2024, the chart is unbalanced with no water element. Therefore, having a camel symbol around becomes imperative as it represents the ability to retain water.

These camels, adorned with regal attire and jewels, symbolizes not only wealth and abundance but also sustenance, a healthy cash flow, and protection against potential financial challenges.

Hang this Cash Flow Camel Amulet Door Hanger on the door in the #7 Burglary star location to overcome it, and in the #8 Wealth star sector to activate it, unlocking the pathways to prosperity and safeguarding your financial well-being. Embrace the positive energies of the camel and enjoy a thriving business journey filled with abundance and success. Ideal for the maindoor of your business establishment too.

What the colors represent:

1. ROYAL BLUE: Infuses vital Water energy, facilitating access to the hidden wealth opportunities of 2024. It beckons a consistent stream of profits even in times of uncertainty. Ideal for wealth and business luck. Harness the energy of the Prosperity Star of the year.

2. EMERALD GREEN: Elevates career and business prospects by aiding in prudent financial decision-making and garnering essential support. Said to promote a healthy cash flow. A thoughtful gift for entrepreneurs, business proprietors, or corporate professionals to attract wealth luck and promote financial stability.

3. GOLDEN YELLOW: Symbolizes affluence, riches, and the embrace of a luxurious life. An excellent gift for entrepreneurs, business owners, or corporate individuals managing finances for continuous financial prosperity luck.

4. CRIMSON RED: Activates the favorable energies of Period 9, fostering positive transformations and potential long-term prosperity luck. A fitting gift for entrepreneurs, business owners, or corporate personnel to usher in substantial profits luck, sustained business growth, and success luck.

5. WHITE: Represents heavenly attributes and, in 2024, embodies the essence of intelligence and creativity needed to conquer any obstacle with grace. Helps attract wealth luck, wisdom, intelligence, and creativity.


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