Asset Wealth Bull

Asset Wealth Bull
Asset Wealth Bull Asset Wealth Bull Asset Wealth Bull
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Weight : 900.00g ( 1.98 lbs)
Dim: 4.875x2.75x3.5 in (12.5x7x9 cm)
Material: Metal

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In 2021, the best way to enhance wealth luck for you is to energize the West sector of your home or office because it is visited by the most auspicious #8 Wealth Star. Because it is the year of the Ox, the Asset Wealth Bull statue is the perfect symbol specially designed to harness the good fortune and prosperity of the year. Place it in the West sector to benefit the whole family. This is said to help you accumulate wealth and expand your net worth, increasing your disposable income and providing you with a worry-free future.

The Ox/Bull is a potent emblem of strength, power, authority and financial stability. With its muscular and a set of sharp horns it is said to promote forceful financial gain. It holds the subliminal message "May the market bull for you!". During times of economic downfall, the Ox statuette is used in many homes believed to increase income luck and gain strength for success.

The Ox will benefit you and your family no matter where it is placed, in either the home or the office. In addition to protecting your assets, the Ox is believed to also protect you from betrayal and evil intentions.

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