9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda

9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda
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Dim: 2.2x2.2x5.9 in (5.5x5.5x14.5 cm)
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A Pagoda can bring vigilance and intelligent to working minds, creating a better business environment and outlook.

Pagodas belong to the highly utilized family of feng shui objects (bagua, wind chime and Wu Lou) employed by experts worldwide. The pagoda is a creator of great energy and revitalization. It has the power to transfigure bad energy into good chi. This is illustrated quite literally by the pagodas ability to attract and diffuse the powerful energy of lightning strikes, this aspect sometimes being called the “demon arrester.”

Pagodas are most known in feng shui for their abilities in academic or literary luck and protection. Perhaps this is because of their historical function of housing sacred relics and texts. Academic achievements aided by the presence of a pagoda and literary luck are a prerequisite to fame and fortune later on in life. Pagodas make a great gift to those who are in school or seeking higher education.

Pagodas are also used to help those with illness because it's believed to have the ability to absorb negative chi. It is further valued for businessmen because of its sharing of the gifts of diligence, balance and bringing a great reputation. 

The pagoda symbolizes the path to increased awareness and heightened perception. It is a most auspicious symbol, filled with wisdom, peace and harmony.

In Chinese legend the pagoda was used as a tamer of turbulent characters. Such unruly individuals would be imprisoned inside of a pagoda until they reached inner peace and became harmonious creatures. 


Chinese Pagoda


The different tiered pagodas each carry a slightly different meaning: 5 tiered pagodas symbolize a perfect harmonious balance between the 5 elements and protection from the 5 directions of the powerful emperors. This is an ensurer of well balanced luck and great fortune in all areas of life achievement. The 7 tiered pagoda symbolizes the 7 treasures of Buddhism and the 7 Northern stars. It is a bringer of great compassion and generator or wealth and career luck. The 9 tiered pagoda is a holistic symbol of all of the qualities one needs to meet great success in scholastic and professional life. 

Here are some feng shui enhancing placements of the pagoda:

  1. For students and scholars place the pagoda beside your bed or at your place of study. The pagoda is said to help support your concentration and focus, enabling a faster acquisition of knowledge and thus success in your academics.
  2. Place the pagoda at your front doorway for protection of your home or office.
  3. Place the pagoda behind your chair at your office to strengthen your authority and improve your respect among colleagues. It will create strong career chi and ensure that betrayal from your peers is never an issue.
  4. For those who are ill, place the pagoda at your bedside.

Here are some placements according to the feng shui bagua 8 life aspirations formula:

  1. Place the pagoda in the East area of your living or dining room to fortify the “health” sector. This will help dissolve negative chi that could lead to illness or disease.
  2. Place the pagoda in the Northeast sector of the bedroom or study room to improve education luck and invite heightened mental abilities.

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