Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque

Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque
Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque
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Weight : 500.00g ( 1.10 lbs)
Dim: 6.5x6x0.375 in (16.5x15x0.95 cm)
Material: Metal

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This beautiful Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque is made up of a striking red acrylic plaque decorated with stunning contrasting gold coins featuring the Eight Auspicious Objects surrounding a powerful ancient seed syllable in the center.

The eight auspicious objects are a beautiful, mystical menagerie of powerful symbolic objects considered to be lucky or auspicious in Buddhism. They are the pair of Golden Carp - symbol of abundance and relationships, the Parasol - symbol of protection from suffering, the Lotus - symbol of purity and perseverance, the Treasure Vase - symbol of prosperity and spiritual abundance, the Victory Banner - symbol of enlightenment and thriumph, the Conch - symbol of good communication and power, the Wheel of Dharma - symbol of destruction of obstacles and ignorance, and the Mystic Knot -symbol of endless good fortune. The Seed syllable surrounded by mantra clears obstruction to success and protects from volatile relationships.

Place it in the sector afflicted by the #3 hostile star. This star brings hostility in the form of arguments, misunderstang, back stabbing and even lawsuits. Those with main doors, bedrooms or living room afflicted by this star should place or hang the Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque as remedy and to promote harmony.

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