2022 Feng Shui Home Protection Kit

2022 Feng Shui Home Protection Kit
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Weight : 2,400.00g ( 5.29 lbs)
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Good Feng Shui doesn't only mean to enhance the good, but also to protect yourself and your family from malevolent energies and afflictions. It ensures your family and all the residents of your household are healthy, safe from harm, living in harmony, and happy. Living within the embrace of protective energy helps you prevent bad luck and clears obstacles to success. In the period Eight (2004-2023), the four inauspicious Flying stars in 2022 are the #2 Illness Star#3 Quarrelsome Star#5 Misfortune Star and #7 Robbery Star.

This is a complete home protection Feng Shui cure kit for year of the Tiger 2022. Offered at a value-buy price, it is made up of cures to counter inauspicious Flyings Stars of 2022, to appease Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) and to subdue the Three Killings.

This 2022 Feng Shui Home Protection kit comprises of the following:

Place in Center of the house/office to suppress the 5 Yellow that brings misfortune, mishaps and tragedy.
$39.88 340g
Place the Wu Lou in the Southwest to subdue the #2 Sickness Star.
Place it in the Northeast to appease the Tai Sui Grand Duke Jupiter who brings obstacles and setbacks in your life.
$49.88 300g
Place in West of your home for protection against burglary, violence and betrayal.
3 Celestial Shields
$109.88 670g
Display in your East to weaken the Three Killings that brings three kinds of losses.
$24.88 400g
Display in the Southwest to dissolve hostile and quarrelsome energy in the family/office.



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