Yellow Liuli Winged Chi Lin

Yellow Liuli Winged Chi Lin
Yellow Liuli Winged Chi Lin Yellow Liuli Winged Chi Lin Yellow Liuli Winged Chi Lin Yellow Liuli Winged Chi Lin
SKU: SKU5661
Weight : 300.00g ( 0.66 lbs)
Dim: 1.875x3x2.75 in (5x7.5x7 cm)
Material: Glass

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This beautiful winged Chi Lin handmade of Liuli glass depicted biting on a coin represent good wealth luck, promotion and high rank.

Ideal for those aiming to rise to positions of prominence and power, place the Yellow Liu Li Winged Chi Lin in your living or work space to enhance luck for wealth, career and social advancement. Perfect for those working in politics or in the corporate world to help them achieving for higher and more powerful positions.

According to folklore, the Chi Lin, Qi Ling or Kei Loon is said to have been the celestial guardians at the gates of heavens, preventing any evils from entering. In ancient times, the great emperors of China kept the Chi Lin on their desks, beside important stamps and seals. Chi Lin is also the symbol of first rank military official. It is for this reason that today, the Chi Lin is used is many large establishments to create wealth, promote high status and offer protection.

The Chi Lin or Qi Lin is a heavenly animal from ancient Chinese legends. It is reputed to be able to walk on water as well as on land. With the head of a dragon and the body of a horse (sometimes called the Dragon Horse), it is a unique combination of the best qualities of both these auspicious animals – some of the noble symbols it holds in Feng Shui are power, bravery, high aspirations, a sense of competitiveness, wellbeing and determination. The Chi Lin, due to the Dragon head, releases cosmic chi (which summons success, long life and wisdom), and it is very loyal to its owner, due to its horse traits. The carp scales on its back is believed to bring a load of wealth luck into your home or business, as carp is a feng shui symbol for abundance.

The Chi Lin is an amazing animal, and it is said that when the beholder looks into its eyes, this creature will award the owner with an abundance of joy and good fortune. If you keep this auspicious animal in your home or office, you will reap the rewards of its protective powers.

This gorgeous sculpture is made from the mystifying liuli material. This captivating multi-colored crystal glass is seeing a surge in popularity not only in Asia but also America and Europe. The procedure of creating Liu Li glass is pretty similar to the age-old French glass casting technique known as "pate-de-verre". Handcrafted using a laborious 12-step process, creating Liu Li crystal is special and difficult due to several factors with a high failure rate. That's why Chinese Liuli art pieces always fetch a higher price. The instability of the molds (which is not reusable) and high firing temperatures required are the two most common reasons determining the success rate of producing a beautiful Liuli artwork. Each piece of Liu Li glass is unique as the mixture of colors varies from one to the next.

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