Yellow Jasper Crystal Chips (100g)

Yellow Jasper Crystal Chips (100g)
SKU: SKU2355
Weight : 110.00g ( 0.24 lbs)
Dim: Average 0.25x0.25x0.2 in (0.6x0.6x0.5 cm)
Material: Crystal

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The Yellow Jasper is known as the nurturing stone because it is believed to fix the ailments of the mind and emotion. It's said to provide support during prolonged illness or hospitalization and reenergizes the body. When you are going through difficult phases in life, Yellow Jasper will reward you with the courage to carry on. It will also provide perseverance so that you do not give up in overcoming treacherous obstacles. In addition to this, Jasper is reputed to stimulate the connections in your brain, creating higher intelligence, enhancing quick thinking, reenergizing the decision making process, and even intensifying sexual gratification. Jasper  can reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution.

These crystal chips can be used in your wealth vases, wealth pots, wealth bowls and wealth ships. You can also keep them in a pouch and put them under or in your pillow or in your pocket, purse etc. They make a beautiful display when kept in a beautiful glass, bowl or jar.

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