Wealth God Holding String of Coins on Good Fortune Dragon

Wealth God Holding String of Coins on Good Fortune Dragon
Wealth God Holding String of Coins on Good Fortune Dragon Wealth God Holding String of Coins on Good Fortune Dragon
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Weight : 400.00g ( 0.88 lbs)
Dim: 4.5x2.25x3.5 in (11.4x5.7x8.9 cm)
Material: Resin

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Creatively designed and packed with an abundant of good fortune and positive energy symbols, perhaps they could help you achieve that and ensure a smooth sailing year ahead filled with joy and prosperities?

A very fun and auspicious figurine that is a must-have especially during the year of the Dragon 2012. It features the good fortune dragon with its body constructed out of gold coins and shaped into a ship, a wealth ship that is. The dragon is 'sailing' on a bed of treasures (gold ingots, coins and jewels) and riding on it is the loved-by-all Chinese Wealth God depicted holding a string of coins! Both are looking so happy and seen smiling from ear to ear as if they have hit the jackpot!

The Chinese Wealth God is one of the most prominent symbols of prosperity, wealth and fortune. He holds a unique responsibility to assist people in becoming wealthy, and is therefore very admired in Chinese society. Many rituals are held and paintings put up during the Chinese New Year, to invite him to come into homes and bring good fortune with him. During this time, it is said that the God of Wealth brings with him the ability to expand windfall and bring luck for the year ahead. He would bless any life he touches with unimaginable good fortune.

The Dragon is regarded as the strongest symbol of good fortune because the Dragon is believed to emit a special form of chi, known as “Sheng Chi” or “Celestial Breath”. Feng Shui is essentially all about capturing and creating Sheng Chi. It is this Sheng Chi that attracts wealth luck, good fortune, good luck, abundance and success to the area lucky enough to receive it. It is for this reason that the dragon is such a popular lucky symbol used to enhance business success and prosperity.

To bring good fortune luck with business and sales, place this figurine in your living room, main hall or office. The Wealth God is a must-have for people pursuing their luck in gambling activities such as lottery, horse-racing, football betting, casino, stock-broking and share investment.

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