Tourmaline Flower 925 Silver Jewel Pendant (Top Grade)

Tourmaline Flower 925 Silver Jewel Pendant (Top Grade)
SKU: SKU4642
Weight : 30.00g ( 0.07 lbs)
Dim: Flower Dia. 0.5x0.15 in, Lgth 18.5 in (Dia.12x4mm, Lgth 47 cm)
Material: Crystal

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This stunning pendant celebrates your romantic love story by adding just the right flair, and romance to any outfit.

The distinctly lustrous beauty of the Tourmaline stones is on gorgeous display in this 5-Petal Flower Pendant. This tourmaline necklace can be worn two ways, with the "petals" opened or closed. This necklace features a magnet closure and movable hinges to allow easy changes to your look on the go.

 With colors ranging from magenta to teal-blue, meadow-green to vibrant yellow, and even pink or black, tourmaline gets its name from the Singhalese phrase “tura mali,” which means, “stone mixed with vibrant colors.”

A must-have crystal for women, Tourmaline is strongly believed to bring good health and good fortune to the wearer and her spouse.

Tourmaline is a crystal that diminishes fear, anxiety, confusion, stress and feeling of being a victim and replaces it with self-confidence and inner security. It promotes a healthy mood. This stone assists in understanding oneself and others and attracts tenderness and compassion, friendship and love. It helps one to find joy in relationships. Tourmaline also assists in releasing old pain.

Tourmaline instills patience and teaches tact and diplomacy. It aids one to understand a situation and express his/her intentions clearly. Tourmaline is believed to be able to neutralize negative energies and protect the wearer against many dangers and misfortune.

This beautiful stone is a powerful ally when your body is in need of detoxification. Physically it is believed to help detoxification support fat loss, reduce water retention, support the liver and kidneys, improve circulation and reduce lactic acids.

The colors of the stone may differ from one another. We will randomly select it for you.

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