Tibetan Singing Bowl (M)

Tibetan Singing Bowl (M)
Tibetan Singing Bowl (M) Tibetan Singing Bowl (M) Tibetan Singing Bowl (M)
SKU: SKU2372
Weight : 600.00g ( 1.32 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 5x2.375 in (13x6 cm)
Material: Metal

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Do you wish to bring in more customers and business opportunities? Space cleansing is the answer.

Singing bowls are also called rin or suzu gongs and are very valuable in feng shui. They are a special type of bell that stand instead of hang. When played, the singing bowl’s sides and rim vibrate and produce a dynamic harmonic sound made up of three balanced tones. Singing bowls also produce a strong physical vibration that can be felt by those in its presence, making it very useful for healing energy in feng shui.

Tibetan Singing bowls are used worldwide for a variety of purposes ranging from healing and meditation to health and well being. They are utilized in health care for sound healing and in alternative therapies to treat stress, anxiety and even cancer. Singing bowls are very popular in group and academic settings for focusing the attention. In Tibet, where singing bowls were invented, they are used to signal the beginning and end of a period of silent meditation. They have been used in other Asian countries as measures or timekeepers for auspicious chanting.

Feng Shui uses singing bowls for their dynamic space cleansing abilities. Tibetan singing bowls are forged from seven different types of metal fused together in equal proportions. The divine sound created by this harmonious blend of material deeply freshens, enlivens and invigorates indoor space, banishing all bad chi and instantly creating good, fortunate energy.

To create the harmonious sound of the singing bowl and cleanse the feng shui in your home, simply tap it with the provided mallet, then circle the mallet around the rim of bowl until you hear a strong hum. Keep the hum going for as long as you desire, until you feel the space has been sufficiently cleansed. Singing bowls can be used for feng shui energy cleansing purposes for as long or as often as you desire.

Singing bowls are excellent gifts for housewarming or for those who have recently moved offices. They dynamically cleanse and instantly heal energy in a multitude of spaces. Many feng shui practitioners use singing bowls every day to infuse their space with a glowing and positive energy.

When to use a singing bowl for feng shui space clearing:

  1. If your mental state is blocked or obstructed
  2. When the energy in your environment feels stagnant, negative or diseased
  3. In an old home where lingering negative energy of past occupants can still be present
  4. If a part of or your entire home has bad feng shui but you are unable to move or to renovate.
  5. To increase the flow of good luck, positive light and harmonious energy
  6. When any new venture is beginning, such as starting a new year, job, career or relationship
  7. To change your luck after a series of bad events or misfortunes befall you
  8. If you are too busy to be concerned with flying stars and other monthly alternating cures in feng shui the singing bowl will provide a steady cure for treating changing negative energies

Space clearing can be done at any time but is most effective in the morning between 7 AM and 1 PM. The most powerful space clearing time is at 12 noon when the day is at its transitional point from beginning to end.

To fully cleanse your space, open up all the windows and doors to allow fresh energy and light flow and turn on all fans and lights to stimulate Yang energy. Walk through your main entrance, striking the singing bowl three times and circle your mallet around it, walk with the bowl as it sings in a circular motion until the energy is cleansed. Repeat this process in each area of your home that you wish to be cleansed and invite the fresh, enlightening power of potent and auspicious good chi.

We cleanse the energy of our Feng Shui store everyday with a Tibetan singing bowl like this to ensure all our products are cleansed and infused with positive energy. We sometimes use the Five Element Pagoda Ringing Bell or the Seven Metal Tibetan Hand Bell to energize the space.

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