Tibetan Prayer Wheel (L)

Tibetan Prayer Wheel (L)
Tibetan Prayer Wheel (L) Tibetan Prayer Wheel (L)
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Material: Metal

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The Tibetan Prayer Wheel, or the Mani Wheel, is a wheel made of gold-plated cylinder, placed upon a wooden handle. The cylinder itself is imprinted with the eight auspicious objects of Buddhism, as well as the mantra script of the Tibetans. The cylinder can be kept constantly rotating with a short movement of the wrist; this is done with the assistance of an attached chain held down with a conch shell.

Encased the top of the wheel is a mantra roll in a protective case; this can be obtained by removing the top of the wheel. The mantra itself is a firmly rolled scroll, with the prayer “Om Many Padme Hum” printed many times. In Buddhist tradition, it is believed that with every rotation of the cylinder, an abundance of merit is created – the same as if you were to deliver the mantras out loud.

Despite the variety of large wheels available, the small hand-held ones are the most popular. When on long journeys, the Tibetan people carry them in their hands, rotating them whenever they have the chance.

The Tibetan Prayer Wheel is widely used in Tibet and in places under the influence of Tibetan culture. Using the wheel is an ancient and spiritual practice, used for thousands of years by Buddhists. The reason they spin the prayer wheel is that it is believed to bless the environment, distribute divine blessings, alter bad luck into that which is good, encourage body and mind healing, enhance personal compassion, as well as to help practitioners on their passage to enlightenment.

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