Gold Mongoose Spouting Jewels

Gold Mongoose Spouting Jewels
Gold Mongoose Spouting Jewels Gold Mongoose Spouting Jewels Gold Mongoose Spouting Jewels
SKU: SKU4909
Weight : 500.00g ( 1.10 lbs)
Dim: 4x2.5x2.375 in (10x6.5x6 cm)
Material: Metal

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The Mongoose has a prominent place in the practice of Feng Shui due to its auspicious origins from the culture of Tibet. This animal is a pet of the Jhambala, the Tibetan God of Wealth, and is said to be blessed with the ability to spit out jewels. The Dzambala is often spotted holding a mongoose which acts as a vessel of wealth. It is for this reason that Feng Shui followers today revere the Mongoose as a energiser of wealth and prosperity.

Display the Gold Mongoose Spouting Jewels in the living room to allow good fortune and wealth luck of the year flow into your home.

Other ways you can use the Mongoose:

1) Place it in the Northwest sector of your living room or office; this will set in motion your luck for seeking business opportunities.

2) Place the Mongoose on a bed of treasure in the Southeast corner of your living room, or office to activate your wealth luck. Placing this feng shui wealth symbol in the Southeast corner will be beneficial because, according to Feng Shui Bagua formula, thissector governs wealth luck.

3) Exhibit this feng shui product in front of the main entrance, so that it is visible whenever you walk in; this will invite fortune into the area through chi entry points.

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