Tai Sui Plaque 2019

Tai Sui Plaque 2019
Tai Sui Plaque 2019 Tai Sui Plaque 2019
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Weight : 230.00g ( 0.51 lbs)
Dim: 4x5.25x0.625 in (10x13x1.5 cm)
Material: Wood

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In the Year of the Pig 2019, the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) resides in the Northwest3 sector. Those with houses/offices/entrances face Northwest, or whose bedroom is located in the NW sector, or who are sitting facing the NW direction a lot of time at work are said to be confronting the Tai Sui. This clash will bring setbacks and obstacles to your work and endeavors. Bad luck will manifest for you often. Besides carrying the Taoist Tai Sui 2019 amulet to appease him, you should also display the Tai Sui Plaque 2019 in the NW sector.

Those born in the year of the Boar, Tiger, Snake and Monkey are in conflict with Tai Sui this year. Do yourself a favor and display the Tai Sui Plaque. You will benefit tremendously from it, especially the Snake-born who is in direct conflict and will feel the effects the most, while the three other mentioned Zodiac animal signs are indirectly clashed. You should be carrying or wearing a Pi Yao amulet or Tai Sui Amulet too.

Note that because of the presence of Tai Sui, it creates very bad Feng Shui to renovate or dig in the NW3 sector in the home you are residing in the year 2019. Doing so brings bad luck, loss, illness and misfortune.


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