Double Happiness Symbol Red Packet (10 pcs)

Double Happiness Symbol Red Packet (10 pcs)
Double Happiness Symbol Red Packet (10 pcs)
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These auspicious small red packets are emblazoned with the Chinese Double Happiness symbol in gold. This auspicious symbol of marriage luck and potent love charm is created in the form of two Chinese characters placed together; both of these characters mean “happiness”. These two letterings are connected by two parallel lines – this is a representation of an everlasting and blissful bond between couples, as well as the presence of double blessings from the heavens.

A Red Packet or "Hong Bao" in Chinese is simply a red envelope with money money or jewelries in it and given during special Chinese special occasions such as Chinese New Year, weddings and birthdays as gift, wishing them good prosperity luck, happy marriage or longevity, depending on the occasion. These red packets are often decorated with appropriate lucky symbols suitable for different wishes.

For Chinese, the amount of money they put in must be a round figure (never put in odd numbers) and usually ends with 8 e.g. $68, $88, $128 etc as this number sounds like good fortune. However, the number 4 is avoided as it sounds similar to "death" and is therefore inauspicious and frowned upon.

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