Amethyst Heart Shape Love Charm Pendant

Amethyst Heart Shape Love Charm Pendant
SKU: SKU3066
Weight : 30.00g ( 0.07 lbs)
Dim: 0.625x0.2x0.875 in (1.6x0.5x2.2 cm)
Material: Crystal

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The symbol of Heart has been around for thousand of years and recognized as a universal symbol of love, romance, affection and compassion. It is an emblem of everlasting love and blissful relationships, bringing harmony and peace.

Amethyst has long been prized as an ornament and amulet.

Amethyst, known as the “stone that heals” has been long prized to have mystical properties of healing and spirituality. It is said to have the ability to relieve anxiety, stress or depression. It also supports coming to terms with loss. Amethyst enhances right-brain activity and psychic abilities. It is an excellent stone for the spiritually inclined as the stone encourages spiritual wisdom and awareness. Amethyst is believed to promotes shrewdness in business matters and gives victory.

For those who suffer from addictions to various substances, Amethyst is reputed to be helpful as it's said to have the potency to tranquilize the mind, removing the constant need for substance intake. It's also believed to clear your mind of any negative thoughts, instead replacing your body with beneficial chi, to once again make you happy and healthy. People who wear it frequently are said to attract others with their charisma and personality. Amethyst is soothing and is said to help one sleep well. It is useful for people with migraines.

This heart-shaped crystal pendant will purify all intents, opening up the heart to compassion and love. It makes an ideal gift for those who are looking for love, or for your special other half.

Comes free with a stainless steel chain.

All our crystal pendants are cleansed to empower them with positive energies before shipping.

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