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Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei

Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
Dragon Tortoise Lung Kwei
  • SKU#: SKU5299
  • Weight: 500g
  • Dim: 4x2.75x2.25 in (10x7x5.5 cm)
  • Material: Metal

Dragon tortoise is a popular enhancer of income and longevity luck as it gets the good fortune energy from the Dragon and the health-enhancing properties from the tortoise. This dragon tortoise is further strengthened as a bringer of good health and longevity luck by having a character "Sau" for longevity on its shell.

The Dragon Tortoise, a mythical animal made of the two celestial animals, the Dragon and the Tortoise, is a smooth blend of ambition and wisdom. It is a feng shui symbol of support from important people, as well as an increase in wealth luck. Because it is such an ideal amalgamation of the qualities of both the dragon (perseverance and courage) and the tortoise (steadfastness and stability), it is a fantastic Feng Shui energizer for career luck, business luck and job development, overcoming obstacles and promoting success and vitality to commercial pursuits.

In ancient times, the Dragon Tortoise was used by the emperor in his palace to provide longevity and ever high influence. It was also used in the homes of commoners to bring the family harmony and health. These days, the Dragon Tortoise is placed in the home of many Feng Shui enthusiasts, to create good luck and good fortune. It also activates the abilities of luck with academics, family and wellbeing.

The Dragon Tortoise never reacts well on a confrontational basis, so never place it facing towards you in a permanent position.

In Feng Shui, this good luck symbol is used in many ways to bring around a better life:

1. Displaying the Dragon Headed Tortoise in the Northeast corner (Feng Shui Bagua), or on a study or work desk, will assist those who are completing a foundation higher education, or who wish to improve their grades. In addition to this, the Dragon Tortoise will provide the student with a higher chance of receiving monetary aid and merit scholarships.

2. To create the means for a blissful, untroubled life, display this feng shui symbol in your home, facing your main entrance. Doing so will prevent danger from coming into your home, causing accidents and harm to family members, as well as make all your business endeavours fruitful.

3. To attain the support of influential figures in the workplace, such as your supervisors and bosses, place the Dragon Tortoise behind your work desk or area. In addition, this good luck symbol will prevent all forms of backstabbing and betrayal, allowing for the opportunity of promotion.

4. To foster good health luck for your entire family, display the Dragon Tortoise in the East sector of your home; according to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, this sector influences family ties and bonds as well as health.

5. Bad chi from the Three Killings corner can cause an abundance of damages to you, such as backstabbing, cheating and other misdemeanours. A Dragon Tortoise is a good Feng Shui cure for the Three Killings. To prevent this, place it in the sector facing the oncoming of the Three Killings.

6. When placed in your personal Sheng Chi (Feng Shui Kua) corner of the living room, dining room or office, the Dragon Tortoise will create career luck and set the foundations for a successful, bright business life. It will create harmonious relationships with both your colleagues and superiors, as well as foster the possibilities for promotions.

7. If there are members in your family plagued with illnesses, displaying this Feng Shui cure in their “Tien Yi” (Feng Shui Kua) direction will help to speed up recovery.

8. To enhance your profits and prosperity, place this Dragon Tortoise in the Southeast sector (Feng Shui Bagua) of your home or workplace.

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