Ruby Zoisite Bracelet

Ruby Zoisite Bracelet
Ruby Zoisite Bracelet
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Weight : 110.00g ( 0.24 lbs)
Dim: Bead size- 0.5x1 in, Lgth 7 inches
Material: Crystal

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Attractive bracelet made of one of the most colorful ornamental stone, Ruby Zoisite.

Ruby-Zoisite, also known as Anyolite, is a natural crystal made of a combination of zoisite and ruby and blessed with the wonderful energies of both stones. A relatively new crystal and hence not widely known, it boasts lovely contrasting colors of green of the zoisite with red of the ruby.

Ruby Zoisite is a very energizing stone that possesses vibrant energy useful for overcoming laziness, increasing vigor and alleviating fatigue. Psychologically, it brings lovely positive feelings that increases happiness, aids depression, brings a passion for life, and instills joy and spontaneity. Mentally, this crystal is associated to creativity and is reputed to help you focus on your true objectives. Ruby-Zoisite is said to raise awareness of one’s individuality and encourage you to live your life as you want to, but without alienating yourself from the society. Physically, it is purported to be beneficial to the reproductive system and enhance fertility for both men and women.

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